April 28th, 2010

Two Cups

I own a mooncup keeper and recently ordered a shecup.

My past period, I discovered how mouch of a hassel it was to take the mooncup out, rinse and then insert. On my heaviest days, after rinsing and reinserting, I have already bleed a lot with the cup out and it gets quite messy down there, so I wear a pantliner to catch the "residual slobber" that having my out cup for a minute has caused.

I thought that if I had two cups I could take one out and insert the other and then thoroughly rinse out the first. thus, eliminating the messiness in between.

Does anyone else have the same problem? Does having two cups instead of one help? 

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1. how do you figure out cervix location throughout the cycle? or how do i know if i "ride low" or "ride high"?

2. ive been using a divacup for almost a year and half now but everytime i take it out to dump it and put it back in, i always have some leakage (presumably from the part outside of the cup). I wipe before putting it back in but how can i get rid of that dribble?

3. could this be because of the suction? i dont know if i do the suction right, because after its in, i can still put it in further without any compromise in the opened shape, and when i take it out, i dont really need to 'break the seal', i can just kind of tug at it and it comes out.
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New to cups - Just bought my first last week.

A weird thing just happened to me... My life has been turned upside down by a little silicone cup.

Not only has it saved me NZ$2.50 since it arrived on Friday afternoon, and was the subject of what I think was my first ever conversation about menstruation with my dad (after only 20 years of it), but I'm looking forward to my period starting again!
Now I wonder: How did I survive so long without it? How many can I justify buying? Why are they so damned hard to find in NZ? Should I get a pink one to match my hair or a MiaCup to match my name or both? Will the mouse try to eat it, like he did my chocolate and my dad's toothpaste? Will my friends get sick of me telling them all about it? what if I suddenly go through an early menapause and don't get to use my cup for very long at all? Why are there so many songs about rainbows, and what's on the other side?

EDIT: OK, The MiaCup is Pink! It's even a very similar shade to my hair. 2 cups with 1 stone? I wonder if the ship to NZ.

maybe someone will want it..

i was using a divacup model 1 for about 3 years before i was able to get a fleurcup. the divacup has now been sitting in my drawer since november. i thought maybe someone here might want to have it. it's pretty stained but still works. it's been soaked in alcohol and i will be boiling it before i mail it. i'll pay for the shipping.