April 26th, 2010

Cups for sale - SOLD

 I have become a cup addict lately and somehow acquired way more cups than I need. So, I have a couple cups I'd like to get rid of.

1. Small Divacup - stem intact - used for one cycle.
2. Large Ladycup (clear) - stem intact - used for one cycle.

I am asking $10 for each one, shipping included. I will ship anywhere in the continental US. I accept PayPal.

Please message me if you are interested in either of these cups. Thanks!

Fleurcup vs mooncup

I already have a mooncup UK size B and while i have been using it for two cycles and am now thinking about getting a Fleurcup buy have a few questions.
I find my mooncup quite hand to take out, the rim is massive! It doesn't look as big one a fluercup, is it? And if so are there any downsides to that?
I have completely cut the stem out my mooncup but when i sit down sometimes i can still feel it a bit, would the "peachy" feel of the fleurcup remedy this?
With my mooncup I have to change it every 3-5hrs on my heavier day and I hate have to be constantly thinking about whether or not it's full. Because of this I was thinking about about a large fluercup but was wondering whether of not that would be a good idea considering the fact that my mooncup hurts to take out?
Last but not least, does the "peachy"-ness of the fluercup make it harder to clean?

Feeling sick with cup?

I have a small LadyCup and when my period starts [beginning of the cycle] I put my cup in and I feel so sick, like my tummy has the flu. for whole the first day. but after that I feel fine and love my cup.
Do you have any idea why that happening?
Thanks :P