April 21st, 2010


making the cup open

I've been reading up on how the other women here feel along their vaginal walls along the rim and/or sides of the cup to make sure it's opened. I have no idea if mine has opened properly or not. I don't think it ever "popped" and I can't make my finger fit between the sides, let alone the rim, of my cup and my vagina walls. How do people manage to stick a finger inside themselves all the way to the rim once the cup is inside you? My vagina is crying thinking about it.
I'm using the punch-down fold, FWIW.

My Diva experience

I am new to this community and i just wanted to share my cup experience. I first heard about the menstrual cup when one of my newly made friends in one of my college classes mentioned it. I was surprised and had never heard of it asked her where she bought it and she said she bought it at an "earth friendly, nature products" store in a small town about 30 min away where she lived. I thought that sounds interesting  and forgot about it  for 6 months up until this month. I have always used tampons and they always leaked for me no matter what I did and I hated the yucky feeling they give you. I decided to do research on them and I came across this blog. I found it awesome that so many women used a menstrual cup so I read all of your stories, experiences, problems etc. and I will be honest some of them made me nervous about trying it but I decided to try one. I found the Diva Cup website and it told me where the store was, I read all of the info. on the website and the next day I drove out to that little store called Love Your Mother and bought a Diva Cup, size 2 because I have had a vaginal birth, for $32.95 with tax. I was going to wait until my period started which I thought I still had a few days.....it started the next day! how weird? well I was nervous but had no problems getting it inserted except that the stem was long and uncomfortable, so I cut a little bit off and then it was perfect. I first emptied it about 6 hours after first inserting mostly because of curiosity and it was 1/4 of the way full. I thought to myself, I would have used at least 2 tampons by now and would have had to change my panties at least once! I am now almost over with my first period with the Diva Cup and I love it! no leaks at all, so comfortable I can't even feel it. I tried different techniques on putting it in and I prefer the fold in the side technique. I have no problem cleaning it and the holes come clean when I fill it with water turn it up side down and squeeze.  I want to thank all of the women on here for this blog and let you know that is helped me decide and feel comfortable about using a cup and now I am hooked and will never use anything else! :-)
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Diva starts leaking after 2 years - does it know I'm turning 30?

Hi everybody. This community is an excellent resource for cup users, and I hope someone can help with my problem. I've used a small Divacup for the last 2 years. After a little trouble during my first cycle, I never had any leaks. I use the cup exclusively, with a rare occasional pantyliner for extra security. After 25 cycles, it has suddenly started leaking this week. I've had it in and out 8 times in the past 3 days. I have tried all the little tricks I usually use - checking that the holes are clear, checking the seal, making sure I can feel my cervix inside the cup, reinserting after a BM, trying a different fold, inserting in a different position, etc. It's leaking badly enough that I've been using my sister's pads after overflowing a couple liners. I have done exactly the same routine with my cup for 2 years - boil 10 minutes before use at the start of my period, hydrogen peroxide bath at the end of my cycle. I change it 3 times a day in the shower, making sure the holes are all clear and washing it with a glycerine-free soap. Nothing's different this time.

I used the tags and went through the last several hundred posts tagged "leaking", but I didn't see any that applied to my situation. I haven't skipped any periods with it or "lost the hang of" using the cup. I haven't had any new gyno issues or partners/activities. My cervix is in the same central position it always is, and I can feel it inside the cup after insertion. The holes are clear and there are no visible tearing around the holes or anywhere else on the cup. It held water without leaking when I tested it in the shower this morning.

The only thing I can think of is that I'll be turning 30 in six weeks. I know if you're 30+, you're supposed to use the larger size Diva, but this seems a bit sudden. Does your body really change that quickly when you hit 30? Have any other veteran users had new leaking? Did going up a cup size help?