April 17th, 2010

IrisCup Pictures!

So, some of you might know that I'm doing a project about menstrual cups as part of my thesis, and so a lot of companies have been sending me cups. So, apparently I'm one of the first people to get IrisCups! I don't have a camera, but I snapped a few quick pictures with my iPhone, so sorry for the quality. I got a small and a large. The small is clear and the large is a very light pink. They are very soft and at least the small is almost exactly like a LadyCup. I don't have a large Lady for comparison. Here are some pictures:

Small and Large:

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Dealing with the tender days?

As many of you will have also experienced, I suffer from parts of me being a little more tender than normal before and during my period. Either on or just before my heavier day(s) I can get quite tender in my whole pubic area. As I'm still getting the hang of my cup, I haven't used it on these days yet, I only experienced removal during one of these tender times so far, and it was a little more difficult to do it without 'ow!'. As I just started my period and already felt an 'ow' on day 1 of using my cup, it got me thinking, what do other cup users do that get tender in a similar way?

So, my question is, how do you deal with your tender days and cup use? Do you just bear with it and keep using the cup, or is that the day you just put the cup aside until the tenderness passes?