April 16th, 2010

removal horror story

I got my mooncup UK today! I was so excited to take it for a dry run. I used the punch down fold for insertion and it worked perfectly; I couldn't feel the cup when it was in! Unfortunately, the cup liked my vagina to much, and didn't want to come out. It sat higher than I though it would and it took a lot of struggling to get it out. I tried squeezing the bottom, using my vaginal muscles, and breaking the seal, but it still fought me. Finally, I got it out by pushing the top down into a sort of punch down fold, but now I'm a little afraid to try it again.

   I'm hoping that it will work better, and sit lower, when my cervix drop for my period. I'm not ready to give up  and I will try again, I'm just not ready to stick that thing back up in there again :/

   Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else would like to share their first time use horror stories with the rest of the community.

Lunette Diana Photos

Just got a Lunette Diana sample package donation in the mail a couple hours ago.  Took lots of photos for you!  Inside the box:

* Lunette Diana Size 1 (in new product box)
* Lunette Diana Size 2 (in new product box)
* Box of Disinfecting wipes
* Bottle of Lunette washing liquid (the new bottle style)
* Blue Lunette tote bag
* Lunette business cards, post cards and info leaflets

Hopefully I will be able to get all the photos behind the cut (using photobucket... I don't know why, I just have such horrible luck with that, lol).  But I have to say I REALLY like their new product box...  It comes in 2 layers, a white outer sleeve, and a grey folding box inside (slips in and out of the white sleeve like a drawer :) ) .  The cups are so pretty, identical to the other Lunettes of course, just the color is different.  Large firmer than the small, as always.  But as others have said, just like the blue Selene, Diana is not completely opaque.  I have photo holding it against the light.  I'll probably be putting in a lot of pictures, so dial-up users beware...  Here we go:  

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Leaving cup in during shower?

Hi everyone!
I'm new to the community and to menstrual cups in general. I just found out about them about a month ago. This week was my first time using my cup and so far I love it. Anyway, I could go on but I'll get to the point instead. Does anyone leave their cup in during a shower? Is it safe? I would prefer to leave it in if it's not full, and also if I shower at the gym. Just wondering if anyone else does it.


I have only been using a cup for the last two months and I am still getting adjusted. I've figured out how to insert it so that it doesn't leak and overall my experience has been going well. I tried to search and see if this has come up in this forum before...,when the cup is inserted it is making noises due to air squeezing out. (obviously kind of awkward sounding). I was just wondering if this is a common occurrence, i haven't read about this on here before. Is there a way to prevent the noise from happening??

Just for more information I am using the large Fleurcup and the Lunette Diana.