April 15th, 2010

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Hi I am new to the group though I have been reading the posts for a while.  I'm wondering what you all think about this.
I just bought my first cup on E-Bay.  The information said it was a Moon Cup, two words not one.  When I got it in yesterday it did say Moon Cup on the pink box.  But then I looked closer and found that the picture of the product on the box said Green Donna.  The product itself says Green Donna on it and it looks just like a Lunette cup.  So I am wondering if and of you have heard of this? 
The person who sold it has a no return policy.  Her explantion is that the Moon Cup company had the Green Donna company make these for them.  I don't think that is true.  Because then it would say Moon Cup on the produce.   But that was what she said her supplier told her.
How safe do you think these are to use?  It does say made in China.  Which is where the Green Donna ones are supposed to be made.
Any advice?
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Insteads & Sex -- please help!

I've used Diva for awhile now, but want to be able to get busy during that time of the month. I inserted an Instead last night to see how it went and felt that it was covering my cervix and was lodged behind my pubic bone. I laid down and did some reading for an hour or two. I checked down there a couple of times, no leaks. When I stood up, I started to leak.

When I inserted a finger, it was quite easy to stick it under the rim of the Instead because (1) The Instead has no suction and (2) It sits so that the opening faces my spine, rather than facing up like the Diva Cup. I figure this is why it didn't leak while I was laying down: the opening of the cup would have been facing the ceiling at that point, so it was catching the blood.

Here is what puzzles me: Without suction, how on earth does the softcup avoid leakage when its opening is perpendicular to the floor? And how on earth does it handle all the poking from sex without getting dislodged?

Help! My libido begs you.

Keeper Moon Cup too long???

I recently bought a Keeper Moon Cup. I had the chance to use it last week during my cycle, and what do you know, I think it's too long for me. My cervix apparently sits really low during my period, I can feel it easily when I check. I had to cut the stem off the Moon Cup because it was actually sticking out of me - OUCH. But it still is just barely inside. I know I have it in right, because there's no leakage, it doesn't fall out, and when I go to take it out there's the POP of the suction letting go. I read that the Lady Cup and Lunette are shorter cups, what would the difference be between those and the Keeper Moon Cup? I also want something that is softer, I think a really rigid edge on a cup would irritate me. Also, when purchasing one of the shorter cups, is there anyone that sells at a discounted rate or has coupons etc? My hubby will kill me if I go and spend more money after buying a cup already, he was ALL about spending money up front and then not having to buy menstrual supplies again for years. But now that I've cut off the stem I can't return it unfortunately.

For the record I'm 36 and have had kids.


Looking to buy medium Meluna or Femmecup... also Keeper Moon Cup for sale/swap.

I'd like to get one of these two cups to try for cheap, as my Keeper Moon Cup has proven too long for me and I'm told these have a shorter body. I do have paypal and also could possibly trade the Keeper Moon cup, it's a size A. Used for one cycle and stem trimmed off, but will wash thoroughly and boil before shipping out =) Or I'll sell the Moon Cup for $15 plus postage.
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First cup recommendations - 35yo with 3 children delivered and endometriosis

Hi, woke up this moring to my monthly and had decided there had to me something better out there than the tampons I'm using so I started googling and stumbled upon this community.  I'm hoping I can get some advice as it is much needed.  I'm a somewhat petite (5'3 & 115 lbs) with 3 children (all delivered vaginally) and endometriosis.  I have the same problem every month.  I insert a tampon and 30 minutes later I've already bled down the string and am leaking.  The thing is that the tampon is never full but no matter what I still leak.  I'm hoping a menstrual cup is the answer but I'm unsure.  After much research I think I've narrowed it down to the Lunette or the Ladycup.  I was able to find my cervix today easily with my middle finger so I'm guessing I don't have a short cervix and would need a large after  delivering 3 children.  Any advice is appreciated. 

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Hey everyone!

I just have a very quick question regarding the Naturcup. Didn't the company mention something about it being available in April 2010?
Has anyone actually heard something about it? 

Thanks in advance!