April 13th, 2010

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SheCup comparison to Yuuki, LadyCup, and Diva

I ordered a SheCup off ebay uk a couple of weeks ago.  It shipped out right away but took two weeks to arrive, and it finally got here today (I am in the US).  It shipped without the box (I assume to save on shipping) and it came with the little muslin bag and a package of SheCup disinfecting wipes.  There was a nice glossy brochure (on which was printed the menstrual_cups Myths FAQ located here), and some instructions on how to use the cup.

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Selling a cup?

 Hi all! I've recently made the decision to jump in and try a cup. However, I'm really not sure which one to try, so I'd love to buy one 2nd-hand if anyone is selling. I'm not sure about length but I know I have a small vagina, I have to use lite tampons or I get cramps. I also don't have a very heavy flow. Please let me know if you can help me out. :) Thanks!
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Diva-Sized Misinformation

So I just had a hilarious conversation about Diva Cups with my cousin just now, who up until about 10 minutes ago had never heard of a menstrual cup before, that I thought I'd share with you guys.

Background: We're talking about menstrual products and our past woes dealing with pads and tampons, when I casually mention that I don't use those anymore either.

So cue up my intro about my Diva, which I usually don't talk about with other people unless asked about it since I normally don't like the "EW GROSS" reaction that comes along with it. I link her to the website.

She has the reaction that I expect her to, which I'm sure you're all familiar with. I wasn't in the mood to ~educate~ so I just said, "Whatever, it works great for me so I'm happy", but she continued to rip on it like crazy and saying things like, "Nope gotta throw that shit away" and "Yuck" and "I couldn't even get through the entire website". And then she says:

"What's it look like in your panties?"


"Is it like the cup that dudes wear??"

And I replied: "WAT??? The cup goes INSIDE of you!!!"

Soooooo, after we established that, the conversation became much more productive. She's asking questions and considering giving it a try in the near future. :)

Moral of the story? Make sure that when you introduce your female friends and family to the cup, specify that it goes INSIDE of you.

Cups and Staining

 There have been a few posts about cups staining lately, which has gotten me to thinking... When I had  a Keeper, it definitely stained. But my yellow and pink Ladycups, which I have been using for over a year, show absolutely no sign of staining whatsoever. Since the Keeper is made of a different material than the Ladycup, I guess I can't really make a very good comparison. But has anyone else in general noted their different cup brands staining at different rates? Staining doesn't really even concern me, I mean, whatever, no one ever sees my cup, but I can't even imagine my Ladycups staining! Am I just lucky and/or weird?