April 12th, 2010

sell your menstrual cup?

  Hi, I'm new to the site,  but not to the idea of menstrual cups. I've been wanting to try menstrual cups for 2 years now, but have never seemed to have the spare cash to do so. Unfortunately I'm starting college, so money will be even tighter than before, and I can't stand the idea of waiting any longer!

 Anyway, to the point of my post. I've noticed many women say that they have multiple cups, some of which they do not use. I was hoping that someone might want to sell me one of theirs, preferable a medium meLuna or small Yuuki, but any offer would be appreciated. :)

What to do with all those unused disposables

Hey just wanted to say that the other day, while cleaning out my bathroom I came across my stash of tampons and pads.

It felt like such a waste to just throw them all away, so I called up my local Women's and Children Shelter and they were so happy to accept them as a donation! I probably donated close to $50 dollars worth of products!

I'm so greatful that my moon cup keeper has let me say goodbye to disposables and  has also given me an opportunity to help women in need.

I encourage everyone here to call up your local Women's and Children Center and donate your unused disposables today! 

scene from my house

My 2-year-old was pulling everything out of the bathroom cabinets (as she often does) when she came across my DivaCup. To my amusement, she was delighted with it, inspecting it and squeezing it then watching it pop open again and again.

2-YR DAUGHTER: Mommy, what DIS?!?!
ME:That is called a menstrual cup.

---pleased, she ran to show Daddy---

2-YR DAUGHTER: Daddy, look! A mittrell cup!
DADDY: ...
6-YR SON: It's not a mittrell cup, it's a MENstrell cup, and it's for mom's boobies.
DADDY: ???

Can you feel a lot of moisture with cloth pads?

I was going to ask this before I placed my order but forgot. I ordered 50 dollars worth of luna pads. I got my luna panty liners and my lady cup is in the mail, but I thought I might want some pads for times when I have irritation or I just don't feel like inserting the cup. The ONLY thing I like about disposables is how they pull the blood to the bottom so you don't have to feel like you're sitting in your blood. How is it with thick cloth pads?

I can't figure it out!

 What am I doing wrong?! I want cups to work for me, but I can't get them to. 

I was introduced to Insteads about 13 years ago. They were great, and I used them all the time with no problems. Then I got an IUD and couldn't use them. Then about 3 years ago I learned about cups. I started with the size 2 Diva (post baby). It was okay, but not great. I tore my vagina during childbirth, and the cup would always tilt so that it and the stem were resting against the scar. It was pinchy and pokey. I cut the stem completely off, but it only helped a little. So, I bought the lunnette. It was a lot more comfortable, but I always leaked and I kept finding it trying to come out of me. I thought maybe I needed something shorter, so I got the meLuna. Well, it was just too small I guess, it leaks like crazy. I finally just went back to tampons, and hated doing it. In desperation, I went back to the Insteads today. Well, what do you know?! They aren't working either! I leak like crazy, I go to take it out and it's really close to my vaginal opening, and there is nothing inside the cup!

What am I doing wrong?! It's not that my cervix is low, I can't even feel it when I try. My pc's are a bit weak, but I'm really doing well with my kegals. Should I just try something else? If yes, what? Should I just try to get a better fit with what I have?

Yuuki Pictures and newbie questions


I got my small Yuuki cup in the mail today. Shipping went well, I ordered it directly from Yuuki.cz. I ordered is on March 29, got the shipment confirmation email on April 1 and received the cup today, April 12. I live in the US.

Some observations: It was a lot squishier than i imagined (I knew it was a softer cup but since i'd never seena cup before i didn't know what "softer" was relative to). It was also smaller than i imagined. I think it just looks smaller to the naked eye than in a picture.

The dry run: Insertion didn't take too long to figure out. First I used the punch down fold and that didnt open for me. Then I tried the C fold, it unfolded, but didn't fill with air! I was finally successful with the triangle fold. Very comfortable, could hardly feel it!

Issues arose when I tried removing it. I feel like the suction release holes (really tiny btw!) aren't that effective. I feel like I gave my cervix a hickey! I reached up to try and put it into a C fold and break the seal, It felt like a balloon filled with air, when i squeezed it i felt air pressure on my cervix but the seal held. It took a lot of pinching and tilting near the rim to get it to let go of my cervix. Also, my cervix is usually quite high (I have to bear down and stretch my middle finger to feel it, even during my period). After removing the cup my cervix was considerably (an inch +) lower.

Are there any tricks for releasing suction? (squeezing and rocking didn't work)  Or maybe a way of inserting it that creates less suction upon removal?

Im considering making the holes bigger (I have a light flow so im not worried about decreasing the capacity). Any suggestions on how to go about doing this?

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