April 10th, 2010

  • skunk

New to cups.. some questions.

Hi all.. I'm new to cups - I've been using my divacup for the past two cycles and i love the whole concept. I haven't had any issues with leaking, and I'm fairly positive I'm inserting it correctly with the punchdown fold. However, I am having some issues and I wanted to get some input if perhaps another cup wouldnt be a better choice.

I use the size 1 divacup.. and I guess I feel like its just entirely too big? I trimmed the stem off entirely and I'm not having issues with -length- per se, but I still just feel like the entire cup is too wide for me -- i feel a very uncomfortable soreness/stretch when I use it. I can't actually feel the cup so I'm fairly positive its positioned correctly, and I dont have any issues inserting it... but I can feel the irritation and soreness when the cup opens up, kind of similar to the feeling after sex with a new partner who may have been larger than im used to.

It isnt terrible, but it does persist as long as the cup is in - it begins once its inserted and opened up, and the soreness stays for a bit after removal. I feel alot of additional cramping im not used to when its inserted as well. It beats the hell out of the irritation I experienced from using tampons (I'm majorly sensitive to the bleaching agents used in most, and they just made me feel straight up raw.. ick).... but still! I'm 25 and far from a virgin, though I haven't had sex in about 8 months. -twitch- Like I said, there are no length issues - my vagina is rather deep actually - its quite difficult/near impossible to reach my cervix with my finger. Its simply a width issue.

Am I doing something wrong here, insertion-wise? Is this just the wrong cup for me? Is there a better alternative to the small divacup that I can get here in the US? thanks in advance :)

Help!!! Mooncup problems....


Since yesterday I have been trying my first menstrual cup - the Large Mooncup. I have had no problems with insertion or removal - after 3 births I know my body very well. However, I find the Mooncup too long for me, my cervix seems to be sitting extremely low during my period . just slightly over an inch from my entrance. I removed the stem completely and it was sticking out...so I tried turining it inside out and while it helped a little, it still was on the same level as the entrance...plus the base of the cup seems a bit hard and was pushing me/ creating uncomfortable pressure at the entrance.  I wore it for about 6 hours with no leaking but realised I was a bit sore so I removed it and wore a pad overnight. I tried using it again today and repeatedly inserted it as far as I could, but it still sits too low :( So I am back to tampons now...I think I need a shorter cup. I studied the chart and I think that maybe the medium MeLuna would be OK? My flow is quite strong on day 2-3, but otherwise tends to be pretty light.  It seems the shortest cup possible would be best for me....what do you think? Any advice would be appreciated.