April 9th, 2010


Diva cup leaks after childbirth

Hi all,

Before I had a child, I used a Diva cup and it was fantastic - it never leaked, not even when I did yoga with it in.

After I had a child, the thing leaks all the time. I even switched to the post-childbirth size and I still have problems with it. I have had better luck when I wear it as low as possible, but there's no way to get it any lower without having it stick out!
It's really, really frustrating, because I have to wear a pad with it because it leaks so much.

I have even switched from the C fold to the punch-down, because I can ensure that it's opening up all the way after insertion.

Any other tips?
I really miss being able to rely on my cup.

Revieved My Small Lunette. Leaking

Its amazing how light my period actually is!
I havent filled the cup yet.
I dont know if im doing it wrong.
If im Putting it up to high or to low?
No matter what I do I leak. Is it to small?
The leak is Just a little when im awake. But more when im sleeping.
95%/most of the fluid is in the cup.
I checked 2 times at night and I leaked. And had to change underwear
I have it higher now before i been wearing the cup where the end of the cup is right at the opening of my vagina.
I think i been wearing it to low.
I dont know what to do? :(