April 5th, 2010


A stolen menstrual cup!

So I thought I was being really clever packing my menstrual cup with me this weekend, but then my purse got snatched at a bar -- and honestly, after canceling my credit cards, I'm most annoyed about losing my cup! (Though, it is a little humorous picturing a confused thief looking inside the beautiful former-jewelry-bag I kept it in and going, "Huh?!") I had a small-size Lunette before and totally loved it -- it was perfect for me. Now I'd really like to get a new cup before my period hits (the idea of disposable menstrual problems makes me squirmy -- I'm so spoiled now), and I've heard that Whole Foods sells a few kinds, but I can't find any information on their website. Can anyone advise me on how and where to quickly get a menstrual cup that would be most similar to the small-size Lunette? I tried a Keeper before the Lunette, and it did not work for me at all -- it was too big and not flexible enough, and I couldn't even get it in. I live in New York City. I'd rather be able to find one in the city and use it this month instead of having to order it and use disposable products. Thank you in advance!

is this cup for me?

so, i ordered a medium meluna, orange, ball-stem. i have a heavy flow, but was scared that a large would be too big. (which i regret now!). anyway, i used it yesterday for the first time because i started spotting. it went in fine, got it out pretty okay, but now its leaking and making it really hard to grasp the ball. my vagina is in a lot of pain because of how long i have to fidget before i get it out. i use my pointer finger and thumb, and bear down, and i can finally touch the ball, but its hard to even get my fingers in there...i guess i have a small one? who knows. the process of getting it out takes about 5 tries, 15 minutes, and a pulled arm muscle. but the meluna is short, and when i put my finger in, i have to like...really get in there, like almost my full pointer finger. and my vaginal walls touch, so its really difficult. after finally getting it out, it caught some discharge, but not much. and now i'm starting to worry: is this for me?

a cup seems so wonderful. and i was so happy due to the fact that i couldnt even feel it. and i cant wait for my period to really start (well, now i can, because i need to use tampons).

i know i need a different brand, because the meluna seems too short for me, but i'm not in the best of financial situations. my dad is laid off and my mom makes little money, and im at school, and get paid 40 dollars bi weekly. so...it's just not a good time to be like HEY NEW CUP.

so basically, is there any way to get a discounted/free cup? im willing to sell mine...its used once. i still have the instructions it came with. i just need something a little different/longer...i think.
anyone have any tips for me?
should i stick it out with the meluna? is this a normal horror story?

Can someone PLEASE tell me which cup to buy?

I've heard great things about diva cup but also that it's the biggest one..i don't know if I'll like that. My cervix is approximately 3 inches up (middle finger length). I don't want to waste my money and get one that doesn't fit when I can't return it, but I am willing to get the best quality one for a little more money. I read that page with all the charts but I can't figure out which one would be best for me.

I am 19, not a virgin, and have not given birth. I know that I get the smaller model of whatever cup I buy, but I can't decide which brand to choose

Poll-- How old are you and how long have you been using cups?

I'll go first =)

I'm 18, and I've only been using cups for about 3-4 months. I'm still kind of new to cups and had no clue they even existed until recently. I own a Femmecup and a medium Meluna. (Femmecup is my favorite of the two).

Sorry if I'm asking too many questions on this site, I'm just really excited about these and this is the one and ONLY place where I can get any support (everyone else has tried to discourage me...my mom and older sister are big time skeptics)

How old is your cup?


Im am currently awaiting my first cup in the mail. One of the reasons I decided to make the switch was the idea that the cup was good for up to 10 years! I still find this hard to believe, and have heard that some companies suggest replacing them more frequently. My thought was that if they are all made out of medical grade silicone, shouldn't they last the same amount of time? Maybe companies suggest more frequent replacement to make more money. 

Anywho, I was wondering if anyone had used a cup that long (or longer even), and how it has held up to long term ware. Im hoping mine can last up to 10 years (or until i have a baby, im 19 now so its possible that that might happen in the next decade). 

So, how old is yours?