April 2nd, 2010

KuroFay fans and cups.

I just stopped by to say that lately on supportkurofai.webs.com The discussion of menstual cups has been coming up lately due to the fact I posted a link to ecomenses.com in the chat box on the homepage. I have recieved a few comments on reusable menstrual products. The question as to what Sakura did for her period when she was surrounded by 3 men at all times and travelling across dimensions has come up. Someone suggested that she may use a cup. Haha I just wanted to rave about how awesome and open minded everyone is sorry if I am spamming. (you may want to look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsubasa:_Reservoir_Chronicle if you want to understand half of what I am talking about.)


I just got an email from the Lady Cup company.


It take aprox. 7-10 days to Canada.
Best regards,
Iveta Stutzova

So that's it! I will be egerly waiting for my new cup! So nice to finaly branch out after reading through the many discussions in this community. A shoutout to Melissa L.'s videos! thats what made me get a Lady Cup!


New Cup Brand-- IrisCup!

There is yet another new menstrual cup, ladies!  This one is called “IrisCup”.  The website is in Spanish, but of course Google Translate can take care of that:


I looked up the location-- Pontevedra.  Looks like that might be Spain?

It comes in both large and small sizes, and in 2 colors:  Clear and pink.  The storage pouch is white with red lettering, and the box is white, pink and blue.

Wow, these are just exploding all over, aren’t they?

WARNING:  As a member here suggested, there is some tasteful and modest nudity on the site, but just giving a heads up in case anyone is at work, or around kids :)

Small Lunette, ParaGard IUD, good idea?

I've had my IUD for a couple months now, and recently discovered menstrual cups. I just ordered a small Lunette, despite the fact that my flow can be rather heavy some days... I've never had children, I'm 18, and I'm fairly small all around, so I figured a small would work better than a large. If I do end up having to empty it every couple of hours, it's really not that big of a deal.

I do have a couple of concerns about it, though... My strings are approximately 1" long, and I'm not sure how one is supposed to deal with strings during insertion/removal of cups? The thing will probably be here before I start bleeding this month, so I guess I'll really have to figure that out for myself, but any level of advice or guidance would be pretty great. I've also read that some women use Kegels with cups, but is that generally for removal or insertion/positioning?

Has this combination (small Lunette + ParaGard) worked well for any of you?