March 28th, 2010


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i just found my huge stash of tampons and pads. (I had put them away since I don't need them anymore since switching to a cup)
I'd prefer to find some use for them rather than just throw them out. I was thinking maybe putting an ad on craigslist in the free section. Maybe just take them to the bathroom at my school and leave them on the counter?
What did you all do with your left over disposable products?

oh, and my friends are really picky about what brands they use and will not use any of the 3490348398 that i have left over.

Last month it worked great, NOW it's not working at all

 Okay, so last month I was so psyched that I successfully got my Femmecup to work...but now it's leaking so badly that its like I'm free bleeding (not using anything). Out of curiosity, I tried taking a bath with the cup in, and when I took it out, it was FULL of water.

I'm honestly ready to scream, this is so annoying and I'm loosing my patience.

I think it may be the stupid new-model holes that are causing it to leak (the new model femmecup has 4 giant holes in it).

Any suggestions? Every fold I've tried these past few days doesn't work.
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Recruiting help from cup connoisseurs!

Hi, Ladies!
I am a cup user of a year or so, but I am still trying to find that perfect cup for me. I know there are several very knowledgeable cup collectors out here, and I hope that with the information I give, those ladies can recommend a cup that will work for me.

My first cup is the large Diva. Suction is good, but the flexibility of this particular cup is a problem. I constantly lose suction bc of this issue. I need something firmer. It is also too long. It hangs out of me. I can not exercise in this cup bc of the suction issue and the length. Furthermore, I can always feel it and it annoys me.

So I tried the Keeper (larger size) next. At first I was very excited about this cup. I loved that it was shorter and the rigidity kept it in place. During this dry run, I found that I was able to exercise in this cup with no discomfort or loss of suction. Then my period came and it leaked like crazy. :( I believe this is because of the placement of the holes being much lower than the Diva's. Therefore, I can only wear the Keeper at the end of my cycle when my flow is light.

So I guess the main things I am looking for in a cup are:
1)firmness (about that of a Keeper)
2)high placement of holes
3)short in length

(Also, I am 28, have had 2 vaginal childbirths, and a significant flow.)

Thanks so much for any recommendations! You ladies are always so helpful :)

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I am going to be traveling around soon, without the luxuries of modern life, and was trying to figure out if a menstrual cup might be more convenient than relying on pads and tampons (which are extra bulk and always having to buy more). However, from skimming this community it looks like perhaps they are high maintenance with cleaning in between (which i dont really know about the protocol for) and perhaps also difficult to get the hang of initially as far as placement and such goes?
i'm wondering if anyone can give me advice about this, and how much margin of error is there for how well these work?