March 24th, 2010

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Hi all. I am awake once angain because of nerve pain(rigging accident in December, I am an arborist). Anywho I was youtubing some cup folds and found this.

Im not sure how to feel. I am uneducated in the medical feild but still i cannot wrap my head around it. I do not belive it at all.

How do you feel?

using the cup...but.....well.....for a couple different things

we have been trying to conceive another child for yrs now and its seemed almost impossible after having our fist two daughters wich are now five and seven,  we want baby boy.....well more to get to the point ive been usingthe instead cups for years( for menstrual) and recently a friend mentioned she conceived with the  help of the instead soft cup...something about it keeps the sperm at the entry of the cervix....well i tried it this past ovulation ...the next morning went to remove to soft cup and that day experienced it normal to have bleeding from removing the i said ive been using the cups for years but never noticed if it ever cause bleeding cause i was ne ways i appreciate any feed back!

thanx so much
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Not going all the way in?

Hello everyone! Im a first-timer - this is my first time posting to this lovely community as well as using a menstrual cup.

I bought a small size Lunette (I'm 26 and yet to have babies). I used it for the first time yesterday and found it leaked. However, after some youtube research I realised I must have been putting it in too far (over my cervix).

So this time I folded it, inserted lower and tried to push it up to sit under my cervix. During my period (especially the first couple of days) my cervix is really low. Anyways I think I have the cup situated under my cervix (hard to check but it doesn't seem to want to go up higher) and the bottom part of the cup (close to the 3 ridges) now sits outside my vag opening ... making it REALLY difficult to sit down properly :(

Has anyone else experienced this? Or is it a case of me not inserting it properly?

Also I find it extremely hard to rotate or "stir" the cup. It doesn't seem to want to move...

Would love to hear from you :)

First Time Instead User

I started my monthly curse three days ago. I have most recently been using the Always pads with wings. I am tired of wearing pads because it is very uncomfortable to wear them. They also smell and sometimes leak, and sometimes my underwear gets spots on it. It is such a hassle! I wear pads because I can never get the tampons to stay in. It seems like everytime I go to urinate the tampon gets wet and falls out. I got frustrated with those. Last night I typed in tampons vs. pads into Google and menstrual cups popped up. I was intrigued. I have never heard of menstrual cups until last night. The first one I came across was the Diva Cup and it sounded great. If it actually works, that is. Then I found this forum and found out there are so many different brands of menstrual cups out there. I had no idea!  I really want to get a Small LadyCup in Pink, Lilac, or Lotus. The DivaCup would be easier for me to get in my area because Whole Foods sells them.

Anyways, I went to Walgreens earlier tonight and I found that they were carrying the Instead brand. It comes in a pack of 14 disposable cups. I bought them just because I wanted to try some kind of cup out to see if they would work. I just put it in about a half hour ago. I have no idea if I put it in correctly. It is very comfortable though. I don't feel like I have anything in there. I put a pantyliner on just in case there was some leakage. I hope I inserted it correctly! Anyways, tonight will be my trial run and I will see how it pans out in the morning. I really hope this works well for me! Wish me luck! If it works I will be doing backflips, because I hate tampons and pads!

Also, if this Instead brand works, I would be interested in buying a non disposable brand. Earlier in my post I said that I was interested in the Small Lady Cup. I like it mostly because of the colors. I am kind of weary about buying it online and the overseas shipping. I wish that I could go to the store and just pick one up. I can if I get the DivaCup at Whole Foods Market.

I usually have a pretty light period flow. It is heavier around the 2nd day but it's not that heavy. I usually only have to change my regular Always pads 2 or 3 times a day and not because they get full. Sometimes my pads get full on the 2nd day of my period. 

I have also had surgery called a LEEP where they removed part of my cervix. Would that make a difference in choosing a cup? 

Also I am 26 years old, and I don't have any kids. The gynecologist usually has to use the small tools when I get a pap smear because the bigger ones hurt when they put it in. One of my doctors also said that I have a small vagina.

Sooo, what cup would you guys recommend for me?

Edit: Also, what do doctors say about using menstrual cups? Do they think that it is healthier than pads and tampons?

Another question that I have is why don't more stores sell the cups, and why are most of them sold overseas? 
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Vaginismus & Menstrual Cups

Hello everyone! I've been doing some lurking around recently but haven't really found a straightforward answer to my question.

I have vaginismus, which basically seems to mean that my muscles don't react well to putting things 'up there'. I am using dilators and am not a virgin, but I am worried that using a menstrual cup would be uncomfortable.

So I wanted to ask if anyone out there has experience with cups and vaginismus, or if anyone with experience with multiple cups can tell me which is the softest/smallest/best first cup for a newbie. I have had some great information from one member of the community already so I am hoping to get some opinions if you guys have tried several different cups!

Thanks :)

PS: Sorry, I don't know what to tag this post as. I can't find 'advice' or 'opinions' or anything in the tags.

Meluna co-op order

Hello all! Im putting together another bulk order for the Meluna cups.

They are $20 a piece for US residents (includes shipping) , I do ship outside the US, just ask. ^^ You choose whatever color and stem option youd like.

Since it is a co-op order I wait until I have the 10 orders I need then I place the order, recieve them, and reship them out to you. ;) All the cups are available now so it shouldnt take long at all.

If you're interested please email me at::

Happy Spring! :)

ETA: I only need 3 more cups on the order before Im ready to place the order! Any more takers?