March 22nd, 2010

My Poor Cups....

 Alright so I'm super lucky! I found out today I have a yeast infection AND bacterial vaginosis. I know right..... anyways I used my (brand new) Lunette while my vagina was getting sick, I didn't know it at the time so I figured all was fine and dandy. Now that I'm starting my treatment for my sickly vagina I'm starting to panic about my cups. 

Should I just boil the hell out of both my Diva and Lunette and then maybe let them sit in the sun for a bit? I really really don't want to have to buy a new cup (I have no dollas right now) but I don't want to reinfect myself, again no dollas. 

Please tell me I can save my poor cups, it was their fault! 


Hello Ladies!

I am very new to this community and I am happy to say I have been a diva cup user for 2 years now. I was hoping to get some opinions on a new cup? My stats are as  follows: 21, 5 ft 5inc, 135lbs, sexually active, no children. I love my divacup dearly but i have found it does irritate me a bit being so long with the stem. I would like some colour to my cup as the diva is bland. I am a firm beliver in cups!

I found the divacup via the lunapads website a few years ago and that sent me to research them heavily. I finaly went out and bought one from a local health food store. I was a little unsure about it but, after a few dry runs it changed my whole out look on my cycle. Coincidentally i was looking into the new birth control pills that allow you to only have 4 cycles a year. I am so glad I came accross the cups when i did. I cant even fathom subjecting my self to that now. The cups have allowed me freedom from dangerous disposables and opened up a more adventurous side of myself. Camping/hunting(yes i am a bowhunter, please do not judge me) remote areas are easier and safer for me as I no longer have to haul my trash with me. I love that my choice is better for my health as well as the earth's as the stats are staggering, millions of disposable products being thrown away year. In recent years I have made a lot of greener choices, from buying locally grown fruits veggies, to driving less and harvesting my own organic meats. All of you ladies who have made the switch should take a moment and congratulate your selves for committing to a greener planet.


My Miacup arrived today!

FINALLY!!!! after over a month of waiting my miacup arrived today. I ordered directly from the miacup website (and they did provide me with an ETA, so I knew it would take a while to get from South Africa to Canada). 

Mine came is a small pink box, with the cup, it's pouch, a very nicely designed instruction sheet (same as on their website) and a coupon code offer for 5% off. My first impression of the cup, was that it was a lot darker purple than I was expecting. Mine is DARK purple! Anyhoo, I still like the colour anyway and I love how soft and squishy the overall feel of the cup is. Note* I have not used the miacup yet, these are all initial observations.  

From just the feel of the cup, I think I am really going to enjoy this brand. I have been using a small Divacup for over three years now and never had any complaints (I am long, so the length of both the diva and miacup are not an issue for me). I recently found out about all the other available brands and options out there (thanks in large part to this community)  and wanted to expand. Based on my own needs and preferences I chose to purchase the miacup. I am really looking forward to putting it to the test in a couple of weeks, I have high hopes for this cup!     

What are some peoples experience with the miacup? And how do you feel is stacks up against any other cups you might have, or have tried in the past?   

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