March 19th, 2010

  • mollk


Hi everyone,
I'm 21 and a virgin, and I just got a Diva a few days ago.  I've used it for two days now, but I'm still having a lot of trouble getting it in and out. 
For one thing, whenever I try to put it in it HURTS.  I'm using the C-fold, because I found that it's the easiest for me to grip, but whenever I try to put it in, it feels like I'm just pushing really hard on the walls of my vagina.  Do you think I'm doing something wrong, or is it probably just because I'm not used to having anything bigger than a tampon up there?
I also have a little trouble checking to make sure it's sealed, because I have trouble fitting my finger up next to it.  It's like there are more folds of skin up there than I think there should be and I end up just poking myself.  Yesterday when I was trying to take it out, I was having trouble finding the stem--I could feel it, but there was a bunch of skin in between my finger and the stem that I couldn't find a way around.  Does that even make sense?

As a side note, I've been reading this board for about a month now (trying to decide if I wanted a cup, what kind to get, etc.), and I'm so impressed by how helpful and friendly you all are--thanks for all the support!

If you were a LilacCup...

Where would you be?
I'm going bonkers! It's a good thing I have a Lunette as well, but sometimes I like the squishier LadyCup. I've torn apart all my purses, the bathroom and living room and I just can't figure out where it wandered off to. Maybe it's a sign that I need a different color...

Cups in the do you do it??

I have a question to all those out there with experience with cups and extreme camping, as in no loo and you need to hide behind a bush/tree/hill/rock to do your switcharoo. 

I know about disposal and environmental waste etc while camping, have made many a walk into the bush with trowel in hand (while camping back home in Australia), but I want to know is methods for ease of use and non-contamination of one's self with cups. 

I recently just finished a month long camping road trip of Argentina, and failed my first attempt of changing it in the wild (it was like day 2 of the trip).  Failed so bad, I needed to give up the cup and go with disposables for the rest of the trip. (Needed to boil it before re-attempting, and only just finally got a chance to do it now, back in Buenos Aires, at the end of the road trip).

Not sure if I contaminated myself with the anti-bacterial wipes I used on my hands before hand (to make sure they were clean) or if some dirt from around some how came for a ride, but I somehow got an infection, and due to remote car breakdown circumstances, I wasn't able to take it out for 15+ hours.  (I could feel it wanted out but couldn't do anything about it at the time)

I also found that when with plumbing, I can use water to lube it up a bit, but in the wild, I couldn't get it working with a bottle enough and insertion was harder.  Also, having to squat, insertion was not as simple.

So, as I foresee more remote locations for me in Uruguay and Brazil in the near future, a down low of some tips would be awesome:
- keeping things clean (not sure how accessible nifty wipes will be here in South America),
- tips on how to position yourself or something for insertion/removal (I know, everyone is different),
- and any other helpful hints I may not have considered.

A side note: I am still a cup 'newbie' so to speak, as I haven't gone one complete cycle with it yet, and only just figured out insertion and removal methods that work best for me on my cycle previous to camping.  Perhaps more cup experience and I can answer these questions for myself??

Thanks, look forward to your camping tales!

My cup seems a lot more flexible than before, is this an issue?

I used my small diva cup for the first time last month, and it worked beautifully. I spent a lot of time lurking here before I bought my cup and when I was figuring out how to comfortably insert and remove it, so I'd like to thank all of you lovely people here for the help you gave me. I just rinsed my cup during my period and soaked it in diluted hydrogen peroxide for about 5 minutes after my period just to clean it, not to remove stains. I stored it in the little cloth bag it came with, and put the cloth bag in a cardboard box in my room. It's getting pretty close to my period this month, so I got my cup out just to check it. I noticed it was much softer and more flexible than it was last month, is this normal? Should I just wait to see if it leaks to make any judgments? Could this have been caused my the hydrogen peroxide?