March 18th, 2010

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im aware that i just posted yesterday but i contacted both meluna and ladycup via email to make sure i could purchase whichever i decided on. im not sure how many women who read this community that are military or spouses who may not be in the US at the moment (or will be for a while). i just wanted to let those people know that both do ship to APO addresses. ladycup says they ship via usps with tracking numbers (which is great). meluna says they have a retailer in the US and that they do ship to all addresses, so im assuming APO is not a problem. im currently awaiting contact from the US retailer. but i thought this information might help someone other than myself. i didnt find this information anywhere on this site.
*side note, im currently in South Korea, it would probably be easier for those in Europe.
*addition a rep from meluna wrote me once again and notified me their US retailer had none in stock but they (meluna) would be willing to ship directly to my APO address (for a little extra).
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FemmeCup Being Discontinued?

After waiting over three weeks, I got an email this morning from the place I ordered letting me know they cannot get the FemmeCup in stock and will not be able to because it is being discontinued by the manufacturer.

Has anyone else heard this?  I sent an email to FemmeCup (haven't heard back yet) but was curious if anyone else had heard about it or if it was just a BS excuse as to why it hasn't shipped to me yet.

ETA: I heard from FemmeCup and they told me they are NOT going out of business and are in fact doing very well at this point.

Bubble trouble?

Hi all!

I've been a happy cup user for about a year. For the most part everything's been great. Once I got all the little quirks of my Diva and Lady down, it was cool.

So imagine my surprise this month when I popped in my Lady and an hour or so later I feel bubbles. For me, this always means the seal has broken because it's full. So I took it out, went ahead and emptied it (wasn't anywhere near full) and popped it back in. After a while, it happened again. I decided to switch to my Diva to see if the same thing happened. It did.

If I take my time about changing them they leak slightly even though there's not much in them. My cervix is not outside the cup. The seal is breaking quicker than usual, particularly after I've moved around a bit. I've noticed that they feel long lately even though I've cut the stems off.

Any thoughts on what could be happening?

buying: very low cervix + very heavy flow

Hello everyone!

I'm on my period right now, and yesterday I realized how tired I was of dealing with tampons, so I found this community and read up on menstrual cups, and now I really want to get one. However, my flow is extremely heavy on day two and three, and moderately to extremely light the rest of the time. In day two, there would be hours when I would soak through a Playtex Ultra tampon very quickly and need to change it every hour, or two hours, and at night I'd have to get up in the middle of the night to change an overnight pad (I wear pads at night). However, on the other days of my period the flow is so slow that a (super or regular) tampon really just dries out my vagina and is uncomfortable. The perfect solution would be a menstrual cup.

The problem is that when I felt for my cervix last night and today (days 3 and 4 of my period), I noticed that it is extremely low. I can feel it with half my finger in! Maybe I have long fingers (I'm 5'8") but it still seems like my cervix is low. I was hoping to get a menstrual cup with a very high capacity for my heavy days because I am tired of having to change my tampons so often (and the high capacity is what originally made me want to get a menstrual cup). It is possible that my cervix is higher on heavier days (I kind of don't want to have to wait another month to find out, now that I've learned about menstrual cups). I was thinking that a large Lunette would be my best bet, but I am concerned that on my lighter days when there is not much blood flow and my cervix is low, something that big would just be uncomfortable, so I should get something else, smaller, that would be mainly for comfort. So maybe I should buy two cups.

Does anyone who has dealt with these problems have any thoughts or suggestions? If this helps, I am 22 and a virgin. Thanks!

Qusetions and more questions

 The idea of a menstrual cup has been hanging around in the back of my head for a while now and I have finally decided to take the plunge. I am so excited!

I have been working through the information within this community, there is so much! it is a bit overwhelming. I am trying to determine which type of cup will be best for me. I am 19, sexually active, no children. I'm not sure where my cervix is during my period, (right now it is a full middle finger length back while baring down).

I also live in the US, so whatever i choose it has to be able to be shipped here. I have had alot of people suggest the diva cup, but I am also drawn to the Ladycup because it is shorter and softer, but will that make it less likely to pop open properly? sigh....

Also, i have heard that Divacup has a good return policy. Does anyone know about other brand's return policy's?

I'd appreciate any and all feedback/advise


cup order

Hey everyone! I ordered my first cup, a medium orange ball-stem meluna from feminine! i know it is in the UK, so i was wondering, if i placed the order last thursday, and my account says it was dispatched on friday, when should i expect it here in the US? thanks!:)