March 11th, 2010

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An email inquiry I sent to the Mooncup company through their website;

A few days ago, I had an appointment at the Brook, and the nurse and I began talking about my use of the Mooncup.  Although she had heard of them before, the information had consisted of a ten minute talk during her training, and she'd never actually met a cup user before.  On hearing my positive reaction, she wondered if perhaps cups were something that the Brook could learn more about, and suggest to girls.

I think this would be a wonderful idea.  My knowledge of menstrual cups came solely from a livejournal group on the subject ( ), and when I went to buy mine from Boots, the sale assistant was initially confused as to what I was looking for (she did eventually figure out what I meant and was able to locate them, but it clearly wasn't a well known product).

So, my query is, would it not be possible to offer more information about the Mooncup or menstrual cups in general through health services such as the Brook?  Even something so simple as leaflets in the waiting room, or nurses or gynacologists with more information would make a difference.  I feel that it would also be helpful is Mooncups were discussed in schools, as part of sex education, or PSME lessons.  Even if people don't act upon the idea right away, at least they're aware of it, and may check out more information online, or be more open towards the idea the next time it comes up.

Are there any leaflets or any other information easily available which I can carry around with me to show to people when the subject comes up?

Thank you for your time.

Just by the way, I find your reaction to the Keeper Company's unethical business practices very classy.

I sent it under "all other enquiries".

The Brook is a charity which provides free confidential advice and contraception to young people under the age of 25, and PSME was, in my school anyway, Personal, Social, Moral Education.  We did two years of it in secondary and had a few odd lessons in primary school.  In primary school it was all about people with disabilities, and racial issues, while in secondary it was mostly about sex, and growing up.

Please help./...feminine wear acct history says i purchased 5 cups

i am losing my mind. i am a us resident and just purchased my first meluna medium orange ball cup, and used the program suggested (sagepay) to pay for it online. i am looking at my acct history and it says i have placed FIVE ORDERS. one is pending sagepay, the others are "preparing sagepay". i cannot click cancel anywhere and can't call because i am not in the UK. i dont know if the 4 that are preparing sagepay mean htat i was going to purchase, and didn't? but i am freaking out because i do not have this money and i dont know what to do. can someone please help me? please?


any one have any inside information?

i planning on get a new, longer cup in the next month or so (currently have a small lady cup, which is kinda hard to use when my cervix shoots up at the end of my period). i would like to have it by MAY 22ND, as i am going on vacation at that time, and will get my period while on vacation.
i'm deciding between a yuuki and the new lunette diana. they seem to be pretty similar in size, and then only thing swaying my vote is that i like cute, colored cups.
i did some searching for the US release date for the diana, but have just seen that they're applying for approval and hope to get it "soon".
i was wondering if anyone has found a more concrete arrival date (maybe on facebook or something, which i dont use)?
if the diana will/might be out by may then i'll just wait to get the lunette, otherwise i'll just go ahead and get a yuuki.