March 9th, 2010

diva size 2

Just wondering, if the cup is difficult to pop open does that mean it's too large or??? I can get it to open but I have to push from one side or another and squeeze it. I have 2 kids but I had c section both times. I'm still new and love using the diva but maybe it would be easier with a smaller cup?

hemorrhoids and the moon cup

Hello, I have only been using my moon cup for a few of weeks now. I don't want to give it up, but am wondering if anyone else has developed hemorrhoids because of it's use? I have a retrograde uterus, aka tilted.

I have had an IUD for about a year and a half and the spotting and discharge is almost daily and has never stopped completely. I was told that this can happen with the Mirena and it's just how it is. The purpose for getting the IUD was due to extremely heavy periods that it seemed nothing would contain. The heavy periods have been gone, but the nusiance of daily spotting-type activity (sometimes just clearish-pink) remains. I felt that it wasn't healthy for me, the environment, or my wallet to keep the tampon industry alive the way that I have been. I also couldn't afford the natural cotton tampons any longer and had to get the least expensive ones.

I started researching menstrual cups and then saw one in a store and made my purchase of a moon cup while on vacation. Admittedly, I bought the wrong size by accident. I have not had children and I bought the A size. I had watched videos online of how to insert it and felt pretty ready to try it. I have had no leakage or noticeable problems from it. I have to use it everyday and sometimes at night, but I give my body a break if nothing much is happening.

Then suddenly to my dismay, I have developed hemorrhoids. I have never had such pain and discomfort. I don't hang out on the toilet. I have a good diet and take extra fiber and drink lots of water. I also do not bear down to get the moon cup out. I haven't had the need. I have really thought long and hard of anything possible that I could have done differently to cause the hemorrhoids and the moon cup is the only major change.

I would really appreciate any advice or information or just really any comment :) because I could really use it. Thanks!

Newbie! Wish me luck!

 Hi all!

So, I got my Meluna today.  I had a Keeper, but returned it.  Am hoping the Meluna will work for me (though I won't find out for sure till about 3/26).  I have vulva vestibuldynia, which means I have pain when there is pressure against my vulva area.  This makes many "female" things tricky for me, including menstrual cup use.  Getting things in and out is difficult.  I found the Keeper WAY TOO HARD, and the stem was a NIGHTMARE.  I just did a dry run with the medium Meluna ball stem.  I did not leave it in long at all.  Got it in, got panicked about getting it out, got it out.  The getting out part was tricky, but I think it could get better.  The good news is that it was super comfortable, not irritating to my vulva.  I'm still afraid I'll have problems, b/c of my condition, but I'm hopeful.

Any tips on being able to tell if your seal is good?  Is it just a matter of not having leaks?

Anyone else on here have vulva pain?


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Hi guys! ^^ Just a quick update because my Fleurcup finally came today after waiting for a week (and in fact exactly on the first day of my period - really good timing)! I just boiled it and put it in, no problems with suction (I hope) and hopefully the day will end without leakage. Tried the C, punch down and seven fold, but sticked with C as it was easier to insert than the others and made my cup NOT pop open halfway ^^
The first time inserting I felt around up there and kind of thought "well, there's something wrong!", pulled it out again and promptly sprinkled the toilet door with blood... But anyway, I hope I'll get the hang of it soon (especially since I had no time for dry-runs)!
Man, I was never happier about getting my period, because not only can I use my cup from the first day, but I could also insert my very first NuvaRing, so yay to that.

Oh, and I forgot to ask: I bought the large one, but when I had ripped the package open and held it in hands, I was actually surprised how small it seemed (was then surprised again when I inserted it, because it's absolutely not too small). Anyone else felt like that?

broken LadyCup :(

Some of you may remember that about a year ago (I think) LadyCup had a problem with their cups splitting, so they sold their defective batch as "trial" cups very cheaply and only guaranteed one use out of them.  Well, I bought one (size small), but I didn't use it very much because although I liked the smoothness of it for my light days, I had the hardest time removing it.  This cycle I was just getting the hang of it, but then today I noticed a small tear by one of the holes.  :(  I guess it will be back to the small Lunette and the cloth pads next cycle.

I like my small Lunette, but it doesn't have a high enough capacity for my heaviest day, and then on my lighter days I'm sore and there's less lubrication so I want something completely smooth.  Someday when I have a job (I'm a student right now), I want to get Fleurcups in both sizes.

I guess this post doesn't really have a point to it, but I don't have anyone that I can complain to or commiserate with in person.  :) 


Hey ladies, I've checked through the FAQ, but I'm still curious about a few things. Right now I'm mostly concerned about the length of a cup. After checking out that epic chart post, I REALLY wanted either a Fleurcup or Lunette, because they seemed to be a good size/capacity, but it looks like I can't get one because I'm in the US (and please correct me if I'm wrong). I was going to settle for the small Diva cup, because it seemed easiest to buy, but it's length seems scary haha.

I should probably mention that I'm 20 years old, and a virgin. I know it's lame, but I'm too grossed out to check where my cervix is during my period. Outside of my period though, I can get the entire length of my middle finger in without hitting anything. So, now I'm looking at either the small Miacup or Medium MeLuna. The Yuuki would probably be a decent fit, but I really wanted one in a pretty color. The color isn't really a dealbreaker or anything, I just have silly priorities.

Also, I really wanted something with a decent capacity, only because I tend to be a heavy sleeper, so I'd be worried about wearing one overnight. Is over sleeping ever a problem for anyone? Would the cup overflow or anything like that?
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New user questions

 First, is it normal for there to be a lot of clear fluid in the cup?  I had assumed it would all just look like blood, but there is definitely a clear layer at the top.
Second, I can't insert the thing correctly, and it's really getting frustrating.  I can get it in and it feels like it makes a seal, but it won't turn and when I check it with my finger it seems to be smooshed flat.  I can also feel some pressure, and the stem shifts to the side as I'm wearing it.  My only guess is that maybe I aimed it up instead of back, but would that really cause that much of a problem?  
After putting it in and yanking it out four or five times and STILL not getting it right I think I need some help before I try again.
And it's a Diva cup if that matters.