March 4th, 2010

Menstrual cups in Ecuador and Southamerica. Copas menstruales en Ecuador y Sudamerica!

It's possible to live our moon cycle on harmony with ourselves and the enviroment! Happy moon!

Hi; I live in Quito - Ecuador. I am happy watching that every day we are more changing our habits and doing something to produce less garbage. I am distributing menstrual cups on my country, I also send them by mail to other countries of Southamerica. I love what I do!
More information in: The web page is in spanish but you can translate it to your language with google translate.

Es posible vivir nuestro ciclo lunar en armonia con nosotras mismas y con el medio ambiente! Luna Feliz!

Hola, vivo en Quito - Ecuador y estoy feliz de ver que cada dia somos mas mujeres cambiando nuestro habitos y haciendo algo para dejar de producir tanta basura. Estoy vendiendo copas menstruales en mi pais, tambien hago envios a traves de servicio de correo a otros paises de Sudamerica. Mas informacion en:

:) iujuuuuu

Disturbing email from LadyCup

Did anyone else get an email from LadyCup saying that they are now selling an antibacterial gel to clean it when you're away from home?  I'm very disturbed by this, since all I hear from this community is that antibacterial soaps are very bad for cleaning cups with and can cause yeast infections.