March 3rd, 2010

New maybe menstrual cup user... haven't entirely decided

Okay so I am 18 and have no kids, and for the past month or so I have been wanting to try the NuvaRing birth control instead of the pill like I have been doing. I was worried about whether or not it would fit, though, because I have heard that it fits a lot like Instead, and I had tried that a few years ago and it didn't work for me. I don’t know if I was placing it wrong, or what, but it hurt. anyways so I came across this site and I had never heard of menstrual cups before, only soft cups. I decided that I would like to try one of these, because it might fit better that the instead did. I read a lot of recommendations on finding your cervix, and I did.

problem is, it seems way closer to the front than I thought it was. and it is kind of towards the left. also I read that it is supposed to descend when you are on your period, and I am not, yet. so would it get even closer? I decided that since the last time I tried instead, I was 16 and a virgin, and now I’m 18 and not, that i would try it again. i already had some from before. so i put it in, and it seems to be fitting, but it is a little uncomfortable, and the lip seems close to the front. it isn’t slipping or anything, but i don’t have to put my finger in past the middle knuckle to easily get it out. this seems nothing like the pictures on the directions that came with it. shouldn't it be farther back? I think if I got a cup, id maybe get a lady cup, since they seem to be softer and smaller. and I thought that menstrual cups fit lower than soft cups, and if that is the case then about half of it will probably hang out. idk I’m really wanting to do this, but i am worried that it wont work for me.

Got my Yuuki in the mail!!!

Hello All!

Finally got my Yuuki cup in the mail after 15 days! (Yes, I was counting). I'm so happy. I watched the postman come and then ran out to meet her before she could even put everything in the mailbox.

I took some pics to compare the (large) yuuki's capacity to my large lunette (figured I didn't need other size comparison shots since other ladies have posted those already). I did it the way Melissa L. does on her youtube videos. I poured water in up to the holes of the lunette, then poured that same amount into the yuuki.

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I got a large LadyCup LOTOS today and I of course had to try a dry run.  I am glad I got a large, as my cervix is waaaay up there, though I know it drops during my period, but it is still usually pretty up there.  I am 39, and have had two kids vaginally, but I work those kegels!

Anyway, so about the dry run.  I used a 7-fold/C-fold and Astroglide.  Insertion went pretty easily, but how can you tell if the cup has opened?  I tried running my finger around the bottom of the cup, and I just can't really tell.  I tried spinning it, and again, I don't think I did (the stem is very soft and twists very easily so I wasn't sure if things were spinning or if the stem was just twisting).

And how on earth do you get this out in a public bathroom?  I really had to bear down to push the cup to a level were I could even reach the stem. I was squatting and ended up peeing on my hand (even though I had just emptied my bladder) and I couldn't bear down enough while sitting on the toilet.   I know my cervix drops during my period, but I still think I will need to do some serious bearing down to get to the stem.  Once I got hold of the cup it wasn't too difficult to pull out, though it wasn't easy and I had to pull pretty hard, and right before it came out completely I heard a "pop".  I'm not sure if that was it finally opening or if it was the suction releasing.  I was really digging deep to get the cup out.  When it was in, I didn't even notice it, stem and all so at least that was good.

Oh, and one more thing. Am I the only one who thinks these cups look so huge outside and then when you try to get it out it seems so *small*? LOL

Thanks for any help.


ETA: My cervix is so high right now, I can barely touch it with my middle finger pushed as far as it can go in, and it points off to the right and slightly backwards. I guess this is good to know O_o