March 2nd, 2010


Lady cup...itching?

So I really like my LC, despite the teething troubles I've had with leaking and stuff. But I've encountered a problem the last two cycles that are making me rethink my choices!

After about two or three days of using the cup, I have to take it out for a day or so. I had to take my cup out because the entrance to my vagina was irritated and itching. I boil my cup and not ever had a problem with yeast or whatever, and I wash my hands before and after I touch my cup. After having it out all night, it's no longer sore or itchy. What is going on? I really dislike using disposable pads but I refuse to go back to tampons. :(


I am a new user of the Diva cup, purchasing it only a few days ago. The first few days went without any problem and I loved the cup. However, today when I went to take it out I noticed my cervix was abnormally lower than usual. So low, in fact, that I noticed when I put the cup in again, it seems as though my cup is suctioning itself AROUND my cervix. I can even reach in and feel all the way around the cervix while the cup is still permanently in place. Is this bad? I mean in everything I have read so far it says my cup should not be anywhere near the cervix and yet it is around it? Could the cervix be lower due to not breaking the seal when pulling it out causing pulling on the cervix? I have no idea... As of now I have taken the cup out to see if my cervix will return to its normal sitting place, but would love some help on the subject!