March 1st, 2010


Lunette Selene

I'm interested in purchasing a Lunette in addition to my Diva cup since it is a little shorter.  I know I'm not the only one out there who likes pretty colors, so I figured that since I already have a Diva, I can wait a while for the Lunette Selene to come out.  I e-mailed their info address and asked about the release date.  This is the response I got:

We are currently in the process of filing our colored versions with the FDA.  Fortunately, this is not as long as a process as our initial approval and I anticipate that it should be done in just a few months.  (But I’m trying for sooner!)  Just to let you know, we just announced a new color in addition to the Selene.  It will be green and called the Diana.  This new model is named after the Greek Goddess of nature, childbirth, hunting and protector of the weak.  It also reminds us of the green forests of Finland where we make our cups.

So keep in touch with us on FaceBook and Twitter and to hear when they are officially released!
Caron Rohman
Lunette U.S. Representative
877.LUVCUPS (877.588.2877) or 435.649.6130

Question about "sunning" a stained cup

Its only my 4th or 5th cycle with my Lunette and its become quite stained, I think because I have been rinsing it with hot water rather than cold, and boiling it between cycles.
I really don't want to use a peroxide or antibacterial solution on it because I've heard (and believe) that it can damage the silicone and make it more susceptible to bacteria.
I've read on this board that people put them in the sun, so my question Leaving it outside isn't really an option because I have a rascally dog who would surely eat it.
Should I put it on a windowsill?
How do you ladies "sun" your cup?