February 25th, 2010

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Brand new and have some questions

I've been reading through the tags and have found many answers to my questions about cups.  One question I haven't seen addressed is cup insertion/removal and fingernails.

I have fake nails, and have had them for years and years.  I use pads, rarely use tampons, and when I do use tampons I use ones with applicators so I have never had to shove anything up my vag like that.   

Does anyone here who uses a cup also have long nails?  Mine aren't diva long, but they are long enough, and I don't know how it will feel to be "stirring" around the cup after insertion and stuff.  So, just curious :)  Thanks.
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New Diva Cup

I'm a first-time cup user and I am having issues with a new size 2 large Diva Cup. I already regret purchasing such a large size because my cervix sits pretty low during certain days of the month and my cup doesn't come anywhere near to being full during my period. I'm using the cup for the first time this week and my cervix is nearly an inch from the opening from my vagina. I've trimmed the stem of the cup and it still really irritated the tissue near the opening of my vagina. In addition, light/brownish colored liquid was slowly leaking out today even though the cup was not full.
I've resorted to turning the cup inside out based on advice from other comments I read on this site. It helps with the length issue becuase the cup is shortned quite a bit after doing this. I'm just wondering if this method is a permanent solution. Any suggestions?..especially regarding the leaking?  I have trimmed the stem completely off in case I need to resort to turning the cup right side out. I would hate to throw this away, but it is driving me a bit crazy and it's still slowly leaking...I practiced inserting and wearing my cup several times before my period began this week and everthing seemed fine.

I purchased the large Diva Cup based on the manufacturers advice about being over 30.

second cup questions...moving on up!

Hey y'all—I haven't posted maybe for a couple of years, because I was so gosh-darn happy with my little Lunette. And I still am. She's just the best. But...I guess I'm getting the wandering eye, because of all these new colored cups, because I'm thinking of getting another one! Just can't decide which--

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