February 23rd, 2010

Opening issue

Ok so I can't get my new cup to open. I have quite literally tried every fold. For some reason what's happening is that there is no air inside and the cup just stays in it's fold. Occasionally I can get it out of the fold, but it stays crunched up in a line or a slight C shape with it's sides touching so there is no air inside it. I turn, I plunge, I do everything I can, to no avail.

So... any brilliant ideas? This is new territory for me.

weird texture inside cup

There's a strange residue on the inside of my miacup, near the top.  It's kind of yellowish, hard to see, but I can feel it.  It appeared a few months ago, but I've kept using the cup -- the residue hasn't gone away, nor has it gotten worse.  I always wash the cup with soap and rinse, but I don't always boil it between cycles (though I have been since the residue showed up -- I also tried boiling with baking soda and soaking in diluted vinegar).  I'd try scrubbing it, but I don't have an old toothbrush or anything lying around.  I haven't noticed any accompanying health problems, but is this something I should worry about?

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Diva Cup + Copper IUD

I've been a diva cup user for about six years (oh geez, has it been that long?) and three months ago I had a copper IUD inserted. My gyno ok'd the Diva cup + IUD combination and boy am I glad that she did - I don't think that I could handle the heaviness of what my period is now without one. Of course, having the diva cup means that I know roughly how many oz I'm expelling (gushing) post IUD.

To fellow Diva Cup + IUD users: How much did your period increase? (This isn't a question ppl who don't use menstrual cups would be able to answer, which is why it's posted here.)

To fellow Diva Cup users who have heavy periods: Does my post IUD heaviness seem within the realm of normal to you?

My period before IUD:
2 days of 1/2 oz (filled cup) every 12 hours
1 day of 1/4 oz every 12 hours
1 day of spotting (discharge)

My period post IUD:
2 days of 1/2 oz (filled up) every 3 hours
2 days of 1/2 oz (filled up) every 6 hours
1 day of 1/4 oz every 12 hours
1-2 days of spotting (discharge)

It just seems like my increase is an intense one, but then my period was light to begin with.

Thank you!
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