February 20th, 2010


Menstrual cup convert!

Today is the 3rd day of my first month using a UKMC, and I have to say I'm impressed but a little disconcerted.

Happy because -
(1) No leak (except day 1 when I left it in for >8 hours to later realize I'm such a gusher I overflowed over the brim)
(2) Clean and dry feeling like I'm not even having my period!
(3) Environmental - need I say more?

Disconcerted because -
(1) I have problems getting to fully open hence it would suddenly pop open inside me any time between 5 min to 1 hour after insertion. When it happens it dull aches for that 1 nanosecond and I feel like letting out a "whoa!" (of course, I control myself). Shall work on insertion and opening it. (I use the punch-down fold)

(2) Still no courage to not put a panty liner. I have decided I will wean myself at the next period.

Overall, I am a convert. I am happy with my UKMC, since I think that's the only one available locally (Singapore).
  • kat000

Ordering from Yuuki.cz

 Today I tried to place an order for a yuuki cup at their website. I chose paypal as the payment method, but I wasn't directed to the paypal site. I didn't receive an automatic order confirmation by email either. When I had made my order and filled in my info the site just said that the order would be shipped within so and so many days after received payment, and there was an account number. I haven't received a paypal invoice. Some of the info on the page was in czech (I assume..) Should I just use the email- address they list for contact to pay through paypal, or will they invoice me? I realize not that many people have ordered from yuuki.cz, and if I don't get any answers here I'll just contact customer service if I haven't heard from them by monday.