February 13th, 2010

Strange Noises

This is my first full period using my Lunette. I'm over-the-moon happy with how it is working, although I did have an overflow in the middle of the night. Guess I'd better wear some backup for overnight.

What I have been really surprised about are all of the strange noises that accompany the insertion or removal of the cup!

Squish!!!  Squark!!!  Burp!!! Pffffbbbrrtttt!!  Glurgle!!!

Is anyone else getting these comical sounds?

Cup Left In Too Long

I'm just wondering..
what happenes when a cup is left in for more time then it should be?
can it be harmful? 12ish hours is how long its ment to be in for, right?
I haven't done this yet, but I'm scared I'll forget its in one day..



This is my first post, I'm a first time user and the last couple of days have been more challenging than I had hoped. I have the bigger size in the Lunette, I'm late 30's, no children... this is my second full day and I've just gone and bought some pads, as I'm in a fair bit of pain... I feel very discouraged, as I was really looking forward to a bright and rosy future with lunette! I don't want to go back to tampons/pads, but the pain, (if it stays at this level) isn't worth it... I know the learning curve is big, and maybe a couple of cycles worth (and I'm in there for the long haul, really I am, I'm just not getting the hang of this like a lot of other women...

Firstly the C fold didn't work for me, waaaay too big, from what I've been reading this is true for a lot of women, which is reassuring, tried the punch down fold with success, yay! however, getting it out was a whole another story - what pain! the first two times, the pain was excruciating - it actually made me feel faint,  I've since been online to try and master the technique of removal, pinching the cup at the base and working it out slowly side to side, while tilting one side down has been better, it still hurts, but not as much... of the half a dozen times I've inserted it, its leaked 5 out of 6 times, so it's obviously too high, past my cervix, the last time I used it, I didn't push it in too far, so it sat much lower, but I could feel it the whole time (just like that feeling when a tampon isn't inserted correctly or it's started to come out), after an hour I had to take it out, too uncomfortable.... so the washup of my experience so far - feeling very sore and a little disappointed, I really wanted it to work

Any advice?

Lunette Selene and discoloration

Hello all! I am the proud new owner of an (almost) brand new Lunette Selene and it is working out quite well so far. I got a small Diva about six months ago and have been joyous ever since. I had been eyeing the Selene because of it's color and it sure is pretty!

Which brings me to my question--My Diva has started to discolor some which is to be expected with a clear cup, but what is the word on how the Selene holds up to discoloration several months (or years) down the line? If my Diva is starting to yellow, does that mean my blue cup will eventually turn green? Or will it keep it's pretty blue color?

Also, I just want to vent that a menstrual cup is the greatest friend a deployed female American Soldier could ever have. Through international traveling, running and sit-ups, long days at the range, convoys, mortar attacks, port-a-potty's, being surrounded by men, bad plumbing, long stretches of time with no shower avaliable and physical and mental stress....cups are a God send! I DON'T KNOW HOW I EVER GOT ALONG WITHOUT ONE OF THESE THINGS! Go cups!!!!