February 11th, 2010

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Glad to find you all

wish I had thought to look for such a community when I first bought my Mooncup in England.  What a nightmare.  It hurt for the first 3 cycles, and only my stubborn Eco-Green determination kept me using it.  After that (I did have to trim the stem some) I mostly got used to it, but it was expensive -it cost me 30 pounds sterling, so I was dreading having to buy another one here in the US (I lost my cup in the packed luggage that did not make it here).  I never knew that other menstrual cups now exist, and seem to be far cheaper to boot!  Thank you all, and I am very glad to see that girls are able to use them and get advice.  I was too embarrassed to ask for help and I am very glad to see that our culture is now opening up and helping girls and women be more able to talk about these things.

Especially with a cup that can stay in for long periods of time, I worry a bit about toxic shock symdrome if I don't take it out every few hours.  My only problem with my cup seems to be that it leaks when I need to use the loo, but perhaps I am leaving it inserted too low, I just feel afraid to push it in very far despite the stem.  So, I shall read more advice here and am very thankful for all of you brave ladies who post here.

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New User With Questions

Ok-hi all
I have a few questions/concerns:

-I ordered a Divacup in size 2 since I am over 30.

My period is due this weekend.

I completed a round of the antibiotic Flagyl for BV on Wednesday morning.

-Will I be able to use my Divacup Friday? Should the infection be pretty much gone since I finished the medication Wednesday of this week here?

-I am worried about insertion.

I have worn Instead cups years ago and liked them.

I do not know which way to start using my cup, but would like to do so in a manner that makes certain there is no leakage or pain from wear.

The instructions say to twist the cup, this , that and the other thing.

I am just so confused!

What is the best way to learn and yet have it work right off the bat?


Need Larger Cup for Overnight Use--HELP!

 Hello All!!

Right now I own one cup--a large Lunette (stem completely trimmed). I really do like it. The only problem is that it leaks on me on my heaviest night without fail--and it's significant enough that I wear a backup pad, because AS SOON as I get up, it's LEAK time. I'd like to buy a larger cup to wear overnight, and I've just started looking. I think the large Fleurcup and large Yuuki could be considerations. I was looking at the brand comparisons, and the Large Lunette holds 24 ml to the holes and the Large Fleurcup and Yukki hold 29ml to the holes.

My questions :

(1) Will those few mls make a lot of difference?
(2) Any users of those brands have any insight they can give?

By the way, my cervix isn't particularly low (but my insides do not like stems, so more than likely any stem will be coming off) and I live in the US.

***Even if you don't own these particular brands, any input is appreciated.****


The ease of travel

I'm on my third cycle with the cup, but this is my first trip with my cup. And it's great! :)

I'm at a hotel, so it isn't like I'm roughing it, but I love my cup.

Last night while I was packing, it was awesome to not have to pack any feminine products. Worrying about whether I'd packed enough. Nope. Just remembered the cup I was already wearing! :)

But here's the best part: We are up here in Denver at Genghis Con, which is a big gaming convention. Roleplaying, board games, stuff like that. Well, my boyfriend's best friend is flying out from Seattle and is going to room with us at the hotel. Because of my wonderful OrangeCup, there will be no evidence that I'm on my period. Don't have to worry about hiding the tampon in the trash or carrying a tampon in to the bathroom.

I love my cup!!

Also, this is my third cycle, and I haven't leaked yet! :) I've had some of the "leftover" blood that gets stuck to the walls sometimes, but no leaking, no mess, only one bloody mess, but it happened at home so I didn't care, and I love my cup! I feel clean, I feel free, I love it! :)

That is all. :)

Edit: LOL!!! I just bragged about not having any leaks/problems and tonight it was a murder scene!!!!! I don't even think the cup was full, I just think I broke the seal while doing something and I all of the sudden felt wet. I ran to the bathroom and sure enough, my panties were soaked with blood and when I went to remove the cup, my hands were soaked in blood. It was a huge mess! I ended up having to ditch the panties in the bathroom!!! Because I couldn't get back up to the hotel room since I was at the very end of our exciting role-playing game. *laugh*

But it's all ok. Doesn't affect my love of cups. ;)
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My Cup Saga

The First Battle - Getting a Cup: I was scared to ask my mother about purchasing a cup, even though we're pretty open about menstruation.  And, as it turns out, I was kind of right to be worried.  She was, to put it frankly, completely grossed out by the idea.  She thought is was completely unsanitary and "if they're so great, why haven't I heard of them already?"  I was pretty dejected but didn't give up.  I brought it up to her again.  And then again.  And then she caved.  Meanwhile, I had been waiting for Lunette's FDA approval, I just had a gut feeling that it was the cup for me.  I finally ordered my Model 1 Lunette from femininewear.com - it was a very easy transaction and it came in about a week.

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My Questions:
Whenever I insert I kind of just shove the cup up there and make sure it unfolds.  I don't exactly check for suction.  I've read about the swirl technique but I can't really figure out how to get up there and swirl.

How do you go about removing your cup without compromising too much capacity or comfort?  I've read about people folding to get it out, but that seems like it would decrease the capacity of the cup by a lot and push some of the blood out.  However, it seems uncomfortable to pull the cup out 'whole.'

The cup sits pretty low in my vagina... the stem pokes out some.  Granted that I'm not really leaking and it's not really uncomfortable, I'm assuming this is okay?
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Victory post!

Hi there,

Some of you may remember me from entries probably starting a year or two ago...it is this cycle that I can finally say I can exclusively use my cup with no issues, and an easier, shorter period :D.

Cut for length! My experiences below...

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Now I can safely say I'm a complete convert, thank you all for all the advice and encouragement, I hope everyone who comes here is able to have the same success. It really does seem unsurmountable to begin with, but you get there, I promise.

Now I really have to stop buying pretty cloth pads, XD.

Lost cup!!

So... I lost my small OrangeCup, and I can't find it anywhere!  I usually wear a cup during the day because I have heavy cervical fluid, but I'd been laying off it for a few days.  When I looked for my cup in the usual spot (the shower caddy), it wasn't there.  And it wasn't in my cloth pad stash. I've racked my brain, and torn apart the house, but its nowhere to be found.  Any suggestions on where to look?  What's the weirdest place you've ever left your cup?

I can't even remember the last day I wore it...  really bummed about this, because the small LadyCup is the most comfortable one I have.  I have a backup, but I'm really hoping to recover the OrangeCup.  I'm so mortified that I've lost it somewhere public!  What if it fell out of my bag while I was at work or the gym?  I can't bring myself to check the lost-n-found...lol.  I suspected my cat might have stolen it... though I can't imagine how he'd ever get a hold of it, and I didn't find it in his hoard.  I've also wondered if I absent mindedly flushed it down the toilet.  Crap.

Mebbe I'll just order a LotosCup to replace it.

*edit*  Found it!!  It was in the laundry hamper. :)