February 6th, 2010

Tomato sauce stains???

Hi people,

Ok, I don't think THIS question has been asked here before...I just boiled my Diva cup, which I normally do at the end of every cycle before storing it for the month. Well, last night I had spaghetti with marinara sauce, and I washed the sauce pan really well this morning....or so I thought. After the 20 minutes, I removed my cup only to find it has a distinct yellow tone all over it!!! It used to have some blood stains around the rim, but this is distinctly tomato-related, like how your tupperware gets stained if pasta sauce is in it.

So.....is it safe to use?? Based on tupperware experiences, I don't think anything will get this staining out, and my vagina is pretty irritable so I don't want to use soap on the cup, but I also don't want to put the cup back in if it, like, has tomato residue on it! So, do you all think I need to get a new cup, or shall I just move on and embrace my new, technocolor yellow Diva???

This whole thing is so ridiculous, I'm kind of laughing, except at the thought of spending another $35 for a new cup!
  • rebj

Help with instead cup!!

So I just got an instead cup and I am trying to get the hang of using it. Right now, the problem is that it keeps slipping out and leaking. I insert it by "hooking" it behind my pubic bone like everyone says, but I don't understand how it stays in place back there... Even after hooking it behind (what I think is) my pubic bone, while sitting on the toilet and contracting my vagina I feel it move out of place a bit. Maybe i'm not pushing far back enough? The cup is fine for 1 or 2 hours, and I'm dry and everything until I suddenly feel a rush of blood running down my leg from the cup moving out of position, and sure enough in the bathroom I can feel the cup has slid down almost to the opening of my vagina. I don't understand how people can claim to excersize wearing these!
Is it that my pubic bone isn't long enough to keep the cup in place? I've also heard that the cup doesn't work with "smaller" vaginas. I'm sort of a small person I guess (5'3, 100lb), but I've always worn super and super plus tampons comfortably.
I really like the idea of the instead cup and I want it to work! Help!