February 2nd, 2010

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Hi again!

So I ended up going with the Diva for now, for the simple reason that a friend gave me an Amazon gift card, that's what they carry, and that's the only way I had of paying for one. (If I'm unhappy with it, well, I'll have my tax return in a couple of weeks and can try something else.) But there's a twist: I ordered a model 1 and received a model 2. Amazon dealt with it immediately and a new model 1 is on its way (<3). But ... now I have this extra model 2, and I'm going to start my period before the model 1 arrives. What do you think? Should I try the larger size for a couple of days, just to see how it feels? Or is that just asking for discomfort? This will be my first time using a cup.

New cup, worried about the huge suction holes (Femmecup)

I purchased a new cup recently and it arrived in the mail yesterday.  I ordered the Femmecup (the newer model with 4 holes) and I'm concerned that the holes will cause leaking.

I filled the cup with water and it immediately began to shoot water out of the suction holes.

So my question is this, will bigger suction holes cause leaking? Also, are bigger holes more likely to cause stronger suction or weaker suction?


Mixed results with new cup.

I think I need some help. o.O
I am a first time cup user and I haven't been able to get it to work reliably. I've been reading this community the past few days and trying a lot of the suggestions. I have a size 2 Diva cup. It seems to go in and open just fine. I think I've found my cervix and it seems to be pretty far back. I haven't been able to tell if my cervix is in the cup as I see a lot of people suggest, but I don't believe the cup is going over it.

It's been leaking most of the time I've had it in, which is fine, I understand that there is a learning curve involved for most people. It leaks when it's not full. It leaks when it's half full, it leaks right away sometimes and sometimes it's in a while before it starts leaking.

I've tried different folds, different positions, and I've turned it inside-out. It seems to work better inside out. It worked pretty good when I was sleeping in the right side out position.

I've ordered a Lunette also. Just in case this just isn't the cup for me.

Is there anything else I can try?


brand new user...contact dermatitis and cleaning questions


First of all if this topic has come up, I apologize for repeating. I searched the term "dermatitis" and didn't seem to find anything, although I am new to LJ and not quite sure yet if I might have missed something.

I have been following the community for several weeks now, and have decided to switch to a cup mainly because I have extremely sensitive skin and have been having irritation from disposable tampons and pads for years. I have not even worn a tampon in years due to this problem. After thinking I had a chronic yeast infection, and seeing my obgyn, having a biopsy taken from my labia (ouch!!) and finally being told I have contact dermatitis, I have switched to only organic cotton underwear, not using any soap anywhere near my genitals, and very begrudgingly using Always pads. Now I think was I insane? How could it take me this long to search for an alternative!? Anyway, here I am, and I have ordered myself a Ladycup which has yet to arrive. Still I already have a question....

Cleaning. I am wondering if I must use soap to clean my cup or if plain water is ok... I have not yet found a soap or cleansing product that doesn't irritate my genital skin. Even lubes can do it, and I have to double rinse my laundry to make sure I get all the soap out. I've never had a problem with silicone (in sex toys and such), so I don't anticipate one with the cup, but I am wondering about the most gentle way to keep it clean and sterilize it without exposing myself to anything that might cause my dermatitis to flare up. I am truly insanely sensitive, and even the products that people suggest to me for people with sensitive/allergic skin are still often too irritating. So, can I just use plain water, and then boil it once a month? Hence, never coming into contact wth soap at all? Or is that just not clean enough...