February 1st, 2010

thinking of buying a ladycup

The keeper is the only cup that I have ever tried, and I love it for the most part. I bought the keeper before I knew there were so many cups to choose from, and I am now realizing that there could be another better suited for me. My issues with the keeper are: unable to BOIL!, occasional leakage on heavy days, the firmness of the cup can be uncomfortable during insertion, and I feel that the color may hide buildup and nastiness. 

I'm thinking the large lady cup might keep up with my flow better, and possibly be more comfortable. I am concerned that the ladycup will be too slick to remove. I do at times struggle to remove the keeper and can't imagine a more difficult cup. 

Has anyone here tried both of these cups? How do they compare? I'd love to here your thoughts!

that which yields

New cup!


I wanted to post info on my newest aquisition. A size 2 Yuuki cup! I recieved it in the mail today, and the packaging is a bit different than what was previously posted here so I figured some pictures might be in order.

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The directions came in English, even if the ordering emails didn't. In general it was a smooth and quick transaction ordering from Yuuki directly.

I haven't yet had an opportunity to try it out as I just finished my last cycle a week ago. I bought the Yuuki because I started with a small diva, increased to a large diva a year later when the small just literally failed to work and despite the fact it's been working the last half year or so I just felt like the leaking was a bit overboard and could be controlled more with a "bell" shaped cup instead of a cone shaped cup. Plus maybe that one extra millimeter might make that difference for me? Who knows. The Yuuki is very flexible as compared to the diva, the rim is solid and firmer than the cup. I'm looking forward to trying it out!

Have a small ladycup available

I haven't been on the forum in a while as I've spent the past eighteen months either pregnant or lactating.
For those of you who've given birth you know what I mean when I say that your body undergoes major changes when having a baby, some changes temporary and some permanent.
One of the permanent changes to my body is the result of pushing out an 8lb 1oz baby girl so since I am no longer able to use my small, clear ladycup I'd like to give it to someone who'd enjoy having it. I've cut the stem off completely and it's only been used for two cycles so it's pretty new and has many years left to it. I'd be happy to give it away to the first person who contacts me. I'll only charge for shipping and we can do the transaction via paypal.
If interested give me a shout.


2 things

I have been wondering when people say one cup is more comfy than another one, how can something be more comfy than another when you cant feel it?

And one more thing, I haven't had my gift for a few months now ever since i started using cups, do you think it has anything to do with that, and what would cause it?
thank you.