January 29th, 2010

new here

I've been having problems with tampons and have been told to try the mentrual cups and the sponges. I'm leary of the cups because  I've been told they are inserted alot like a tampon. I have trouble inserting tampons so I think I'd have trouble inserting the cups. 
 I've also been told that sponges are easier to insert and that you can get sponges with stems or without stems but the problem with sponges is they aren't FDA approved in the USA so I'm a bit leary of them.
Any input is appreciated.

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Hey y'all, I have two quick, easy questions. They probably could be answered by sorting through the FAQs, but I'm leaving for class very shortly and don't have time.
So, I got a small Ladycup and I'm about to try it out for the first time today.
1.) Do you all normally put your's in before (like the morning of) your period actually starts? Or, would it be better to wait until the bleeding begins?
2.) How will I know when it's full? I know the Ladycup has a small capacity, so I'm worried it might fill up much quicker than 12 hours. Are there any ways of knowing that it needs to be emptied before it leaks everywhere?


update + question

ok. first time using my lady cup: it: went in super easy. much easier than excepted. it also opened right up using the 7 fold.
however, when it came time to take it out for the first time it was really difficult. i couldnt find the base of the cup, even by following the stem up. i guess i couldnt reach it. so, i had to shimmy it down by pulling on the stem until i could reach the base. my problem is my stem is too long (i can feel it), but i'm nervous about cutting some off since i had difficulty reaching my cup and had to use the stem to pull it down.
anybody have any advice when it comes to not reaching the base of the cup?
thanks again.

I Finally Did It!!!!! and I'm Only 14!!! ( well, 15 in march)

I inserted my menstrual cup!!! I've been trying for about 3 months,amd it finally went in! I wasn't even having my cycle, so it went in on a dry run! I didn't let go of the fold though,because I'm still a little scared too, but it went in VERY easily,which was just plain shocking! The reason I couldn't insert it before, I figured out, was because I kept aiming to high,so I was just hitting flesh, I thought it was hurting because my body wasn't used to anything going in there. It's such a relief now though, because I sorta didn't think I'd ever be able to insert it! I was so happy I was dancing around and stuff,lol (well,I was trying to, but I was in the bathroom,so I didn't have much room) Thanks to the whole community! Because if there hadn't been so many tips here, I probably would've given up on cups (especially since my first cup was a diva, and I have a low cervix but I would've never known that if I hadn't found the community,so THANK YOU!!)

UPDATE: My cycle didn't start yet, but when it's over,I think I'll post a follow-up story!

Bloody beginning

This is the long story of my first few rather uncomfortable experiences with the Mooncup. I got my Mooncup B early this January. Before having one bought for me, I asked the company nurse if a virgin who can only put in one finger comfortably and who finds it painful to take out a tampon (even when it's soaked with blood) can use the Mooncup and I was told yes. So I got one, mainly because I still need to use pads/napkins/towels for my light flow days (because even 8 full hours I sometimes pull out a mostly white tampon) and pads give me rashes. The environmental aspect is also very attractive, not to mention the fact that it's a one-time expenditure.

When I saw the Mooncup, I thought "uh-oh, it's huge". With the c-fold, it's as big as all the tips of my fingers put together.

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Pretty much a dream first run, EXCEPT for uncomfortable removal

Background:  I am 38, 2 kids (vaginal deliveries), have a fairly low cervix and fairly light flow, and had previously used a cervical cap years ago so am pretty familiar with my lady bits.  I just learned about cups recently (and have been wishing I'd known about them sooner!!!) and quickly decided I wanted one.  Tons of research later (this community is so fantastic!) I bought a large LadyCup (blue) and a small Yuuki off eBay.  The LadyCup arrived just before my period, the Yuuki on Day 1.  So I put in the LadyCup the morning I expected my period (origami fold worked beautifully for me), and wore it all day at work.  The stem poked me a little bit, but not too badly, and I didn't want to cut it off in case I decided I preferred the Yuuki.  Removed it using more brute force than grace when I got home, turned out my period hadn't arrived yet, so decided to give it a rest overnight and try it again the next morning.  My cervix apparently had gotten a bit lower before that second run, because the stem poked me *all day*.  When I got home, I realized that what it had been poking all day was my urethra, which had swollen up like a little pink pea and felt pretty uncomfortable.  (On the bright side, my period had arrived during the day, with no leaking and minimal cramps!)  I briefly tried the Yuuki, and wow, those grip ridges were not working for me.  So I took a deep breath, chopped the stem entirely off the LadyCup, put it back in, and was off to the races...

EXCEPT, removal is still uncomfortable for me, mainly because the rim tends to press against my urethra on the way out.  I am able to pinch the base between thumb and finger and gently pull it down while bearing down in a squatting position, and what I have been doing the last couple of removals is inserting one finger of the other hand when the rim is just above my urethra to sort of C-fold it away from my urethra, then rock it out.  Since I am only changing every 12 hours, I've been able to do it in the shower, so I am not particularly concerned about mess (and it hasn't actually been that messy).  But I am wondering if you folks who have been using cups longer than I have could suggest an easier way to accomplish this goal of avoiding pressure on my urethra during removal.  What I am doing helps but not 100%, and it feels really awkward.

P.S.  Today I became a FB fan of "LadyCup, PinkCup and others" (it's not an active page, but I figured friends might see that I had fanned it and learn something) and posted a status update linking to this community and telling all my female friends that cups are something they ought to at least be aware of, because I sure wish someone had told me earlier that cups were an option.  I probably TMI'ed most of them, but still, I feel like I don't want to be the friend that knew about this all along but didn't tell people how awesome it is.  (Turns out one of my friends has been using--and loving--a Diva for years...I feel a bit betrayed...)  Thank you all for turning me on to cups and giving me so much helpful information and inspiration!

Is it really full?

This is my first cycle with a cup and I'm having some leaking issues. I have a meduim MeLuna, which I think fits me very well. The thing is, it will start to leak, but when I take it out the cup is only about 1/3 full. The holes on a MeLuna are very close to the top and there is a significant amount of space between how full it is and where the holes are. I can feel the bubbly, squishy sensation of blood not going in the cup and sure enough when I check it's leaking. What would cause it to leak when not actually full? Is it possible my cervix is taking up too much room inside of it? Is it not suctioned on properly? Sometimes it will hold more without leaking, but I can never tell when it will hold a lot and when it won't. Any ideas?

Talked with my daughter's friends

Last night my daughter and six of her friends (ages 15-17) had a big pajama party at our house. I'm close with her and her friends, so when the conversation turned to their periods, I pulled out my cup and told them all about it. They were much more intrigued than horrified, so I'm hopeful.

My daughter is planning on trying it as soon as we choose one for her. I've given her the info to read, and am waiting for her to fill me in on her "internal explorations."

I would like some input on cups that you experienced folk would recommend for young girls who are virgins. Although I know that size is a personal consideration, I think that ease of insertion/removal and the least pain possible will really by more important than capacity at this point.

Could you give me some suggestions for them? I'm thinking the ball stem would be comfortable. Also squishiness for comfort. Please help me out. Thanks!!


Thank you for all your replies. They were all really helpful. Its good to know that I"m not the only one who has issues with tampons. I was beginning to feel a bit silly for not being able to figure them out. I really think that I'm going to try the sponge. I read all these websites and some of them were talking about how they weren't FDA approved and got a bit iffy on them. But after reading all the replies I realized that you were all right. There are several things that are fda approved that in my opinion shouldn't be and there are several things that aren't fda approved that I think should be. So I'm going to take the plunge and order a sponge. I'm not quite ready for the cup. I think I'll try the sponge first and then go for the cup. Thank you all again for all your comments. They were helpful.