January 27th, 2010

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My MeLuna from Germany just arrived the other day. I was a little concerned when I bought it online, because the confirmation email and everything else was almost 100% in German. There was a disclaimer on my confirmation email saying that due to legal issues, they would not translate it out of German (I'm in the US and don't speak/read German). I wasn't positive that I was buying something legitimate, but it was actually really quick in arriving and obviously, yes, a legitimate way to order. So there's that.

Also, I'm really pleased that the width (I ordered the medium size) is almost the same as the Large Diva cup (I'm 28, and have had 2 kids). The Large Diva has always been too long for me, so I've been wearing it inside out ever since I started using a cup 2 years ago. I figured it was finally time for a new cup, or at least a backup. I'll use the Diva for my 1 really heavy flow day, and then use the MeLuna for my 6 days of spotting!

Here is a comparison of the MeLuna in Medium (and in orange, my favorite color!!) to the Large Diva, inside out. None of the sizing charts were helping me because they either did not include the MeLuna, or didn't include the dimensions of the Diva when worn inside out. So here it is, in case you were wondering.

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Also, it fits wonderfully, although it is a little stiffer material than the Diva. I just filled it to the bottom of the rim with water and poured it into a little kids' medicine cup. It was just over 15mL.

There ya go! Hope that was helpful to anyone wondering about the MeLuna.

High Capacity Short Cups?

Cross posted in part from vaginapagina.

I suspect this is sort of a pipe dream, but since my menstrual flow just pushed my cup (small Yuuki) out of my vagina in under an hour today, it's at least worth asking. (There is nothing quite like needing to dash out of class because you fear your bloody menstrual cup falling out of your pants and into your shoe.)

Does anyone know of of a menstrual cup that is no longer than a Mooncup UK (~50mm sans stem) but that has a higher functional capacity than a small Yuuki (roughly 26-27mL of what I can actually put in it before it starts leaking)? I've checked various length and capacity charts, but I'm just wondering -- or wishfully thinking, is more like it -- if there's something I could be missing.

My other thought is, since the Lady Cup is pretty squishy and has a relatively untextured base, would a large size there be doable even though it's longer than my MCUK? My current Yuuki isn't much shorter than the MCUK, but it's significantly more comfortable when it's inserted. I'm guessing that Yuuki's less stiff construction is at least partially the cause of this. Since the Lady Cup is even squishier (and smoother at the base, which probably can't hurt), I'm wondering if going longer than what I know is comfortable for me would be worth it for the increased capacity.


Mooncup not working out...

 Hey everyone. I am completely new here so I really hope I am not doing anything stupid but I've been having a problem and I just would like more advice before I make any decisions. 

I am 17, live in the uk and I bought the mooncup in july. When I first used it, I had to cut the stem completely off because the whole thing stuck out of me. Months later I am still having issues where the cup seems too long for my vagina. The bottom part usually sits outside of me and I can almost always feel it. I have no idea what people mean when they say that they are worried about losing their cup inside them because it seems like there's  no where for my cup to go. I also get the feeling of having to pee and the cup "stopping" me from peeing.

So I basically want to figure out how I can correct this. I've been trying to push the cup further inside me, but I am only 4'9" and maybe that means I have a "short" vagina. I tried flipping it inside out, but it still seems too long. Is my only option here to buy I new cup? I was looking at the medium meluna as a solution but these are expensive and require convincing my parents, so I really want to be quite sure that a different cup will work before I buy one.


US website sells Lunette

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