January 26th, 2010

Passing Out on Insertion?

Hi again...Sorry about this, but I was at my doctors yesterday, and I was talking to her about the Menstrual Cup, and seeing what her opinion on it was...I've heard a lot of women say that their doctors don't know what one is, so I was really shocked when she knew exactly what I mean't, AND, some have also said that their doctor's didn't know that their cervix moved back and forth during their period, but mine did, so I was really, really pleased with that.
So I kinda bombarded her with a lot of questions, and if you read my first post in this community, I asked if anyone had ever felt for their cervix, and right after that, started getting light headed and almost pass out...Well, I told my doctor about it, and she explained to me why and how it happens, and she said that some women can't wear cups/tampons, because they bump those nerves, and it makes them really light headed.
The term that my doctor used to called Vagus Relfex, or Vagovagal episode....And I was wondering, do any of you ever have that happen to you? Because I don't want to buy a cup, and then realize that I can't use it....This episode of lightheadedness, has only happened to me twice, and both times I was in the shower, so my doctor said that I was already Vagovagal ready (Something with heat and pores, I was listening halfway at that moment) and so I'm just wondering has this happened to any others? And does it happen everytime you insert one?


Capacity of Large Meluna known yet?

Now that there are some large Melunas circulating out there, does anyone who has one want to measure the capacity so it can be filled in to the comparison chart? I need a higher capacity short cup, and I'm waiting to see if it will be the large fleurcup vs. whatever the numbers end up being on the large Meluna.