January 23rd, 2010

How do I create suction with the Lunette?!?!?!?!

Hello Everyone,

I've been using a Lunette size 2 for about 6 months now. I already love it, but I still can't get it to work perfectly for me. I'm wondering if it's because my understanding of how a cup works is incorrect, or I'm just doing it wrong.

My first month with it, I was able to wear it for 12 hours on my heaviest day without any leaking. However, the first month is the ONLY time that the Lunette has worked perfectly for me. After that, I've always had leaking.

I'm wondering if my problem is due to my Lunette not creating suction. I don't know how to create suction or what it's supposed to feel like. I use the punch down fold and it always opens perfectly. Once I insert it, I rotate it a few times AND I also kegel it into place (I've heard that creates suction), but if I try to pull it down, it comes down easily enough (although it never slips out). When I pinch it to remove it, I do hear air escape, so does that mean that I created a proper seal? I don't feel any crazy suction when I insert or remove it.

Another thing I've noticed about my cup is that when I fill it with water, the water leaks out of the holes, and I mean they LEAK. Some people say they can fill past the holes and their cup still doesn't leak because of the suction, so that's another reason I'm wondering if I'm just not getting it right. Because, technically, when the cup's inserted, it sits sideways. That means the contents will reach the holes MUCH sooner than when it's sitting upright.

So my basic questions are:

(1) How do you create suction and what's it supposed to feel like?
(2) Are you automatically supposed to leak when blood reaches the holes or does suction prevent that?

P.S. Last thing: Does overnight leaking just come with the territory?

Thanks for your help.

Scared to let it pop...and let it go


I'm a 30 year old non-virgin and this is my second cycle where I'm attempting the cup.....unsuccessfully. :(  My first cycle I deemed myself to scared of my own body (I don't normally like inserting things, bf being an exception), so I put the cup aside and gave myself time to explore me and get a bit more comfortable going inside.  Through this exploration I found i can't reach my cervix, and I felt how my bearing down and kegeling muscles work.  Good start I thought.

Well, here we are now, cycle 2.  I found the 7 fold is the easiest for me to get it inside, but I am scared to let it pop open.  I'm scared to let go of the stem fearing it will disappear into the void and never come out.  I'm scared of suction and any pain that might come with.  I'm scared I can't get it out.  I'm just plain scared.

Do you smart ladies out there have any advice to alleviate my fears and try again?  I really want to get this to work. I really don't like tampons but have had to put up with them on occasional swimming outings.

I'm currently travelling South America where tampons are harder to find too.  Hence my choice to switch to the cup.  And having my bf the only one to talk to doesn't help as he doesn't want to hear it.....boys!

A little help please.

PS: I have a lady cup

new user but i think i might want a different cup

So I'm new here and found out about the diva cup kind of randomly a couple years ago on a blog.  At the time I was intrigued but wasn't sure about the idea, mainly because I didn't know anyone personally that actually used it.  Anyways a few months ago, I saw a couple more blog postings about the diva cup and decided that I actually wanted to give it a try.  So I bought a diva cup (I didn't know at the time there were others, otherwise I would have done more research) and got to try it out for the first time the last couple days of my period.  I wasn't able to get it in and after a couple days of trying I decided to just wait until my next period.  I started searching the internet and found this community and started reading and the next month I had much better luck! I was able to get it in and out (though it was a little messy =P) without too much trouble, though taking it out was a little painful mainly due to everything stretching but it got easier the more I did it.  But I'm totally a convert to cups now. =D

So now to why I think I want a different cup.  The diva cup seems to fit length-wise (I can't touch my cervix even on my period) and I definitely wouldn't want anything wider because I think anything wider would be uncomfortable.  However, the stem is kinda pokey and slightly irritating.  I really like having the stem and the grip lines on the bottom of the cup because it makes removal much easier (I have to bear down and grab a little higher a couple times before I can get my cup out) but wish the stem wouldn't irritate so.  I've been looking at the yuuki cup because it seems most similar in size but the end of the stem looks more rounded and less pokey.  I guess I would like some reassurance that this would be the right cup or suggestions on what might be a different cup.  Or a way to make the stem on my diva cup less pokey without completely removing it would work as well.  Though I wouldn't mind a second cup! =P  Thanks for the help in advance! =)