January 21st, 2010


cups: watertight to 30m

Hey all, I got my period yesterday, which was exciting because I went scuba diving today and got to test it out. I spent 6 hours on or in the water, doing two dives to 30 metres and snorkeling in between, and im happy to report I completely forgot about my cup. No leaks, no wierd feeling with the pressure changes, and a completely hassle free scuba period. Not to mention no aggressive sharks sniffing out my blood... just some friendly ones cruising about. Im pretty happy that I didn't have to think about my period at all, and I also reached a personal depth record, which is awesome!

So for anyone who is curious, cups and scuba diving is great! My next test is sky diving with it in... for science, of course.

getting a second cup

Okay, so I am trying to decide on a second cup and I need some help..

I currently have a small Lady cup. Love it. (I have only ever tried a Mooncup US.) Unfortunately, on a lot of days I find the volume to be too small. I'm just wondering if I list the qualities I do and do not like in a cup if you guys could help me pick a second cup? (I don't really have a lot of margin of error on this because I don't have the money for multiple tries.)

I like the softness of the Ladycup and the smoothness. The mooncup US actually seemed to cause tearing (I think it it was the rim-- you know it is a "narrow body" design versus the "hoop skirt" design of the lady cup? I think it was the squareness of the lower rim on the mooncup that got me.) I liked the stem on the mooncup better because it seemed squishier (and longer) and more comfortable. The ladycup stem kept pinching me and I wound up having to cut it off. I can do without a stem, but I really liked having one. (I think it might have been a combination of the texture on the stem and the length-- it might not have pinched if it was just a tinsy bit longer.)

So, what I am wondering is if I go up to the medium meluna will the volume be so much better that it is worth going up? People who had pinching/poking problems with the ladycup (or any other cup) stem-- was the meluna ball or loop any better for you? What about a diva (I've heard mixed reviews)? I am concerned about going up to a large size of anything just because I think I am kind of small (part of my problem with the rim on the mooncup- I am a 20 year old virgin), but I really would like a significant change in volume (otherwise it doesn't really seem worth the investment).


Kind of random question

 So, this is kind of random and a curiosity question. I've been using my Diva Cup since about April or May of last year, and I love it. The convenience is very nice. My question however, is if any of you ladies sometimes forget some of the things that you are able to do with the cup that you weren't with pads and tampons, like putting it in before your period starts so you don't have to wait in suspense, or leaving it in afterward in case of random spotting? Sometimes I forget to do this and I'm not sure why.