January 18th, 2010



After having my Divacup small size for a year and a half, I fear it has given out on me. This cup has seen me through thick and thin. Last month however, I had a violent miscarriage with bleeding that went on for a little over a month. My little Diva worked some days, most days really, but leaked about as often as it worked. Living in a constant state of paranoia and discomfort did nothing to my nerves. Having a month long period with pads is no fun for a dancer and avid hiker, I'll tell you what.
Now I have started my next period and my Diva is almost refusing to sit right. I no longer hearing the popping upon insertion that I used to hear and little to no suction is present during removal. Turning does nothing apparently. I have never had problems like this before. I have two questions: is it possible that after such constant use it has lost its spring (is that possible) or could have my vagina had changed such significant shape?
I just turned 21 and shouldn't need a larger size, at least not according to the size chart. Is there perhaps a different cup that I should go with? Maybe a different method of insertion or folding?
But what are your suggestions? You people are always so helpful.
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