January 17th, 2010


Random Happy Story

I went to a new gyno this week for a check up on PCOS (first time I've been for five years, so I've never gone since I've been using the cup. Don't freak out, in Australia our GPs do our pap smears, so I haven't needed to go). I got to talking about managing thrush. I mentioned that going for a low GI diet and using a menstrual cup had pretty much fixed my recurring thrush problems.

I've heard so many people say their doctors don't even know what a cup is, or think they're weird, so I was expecting a similar reaction and gearing up for an explanation. However, my doctor grinned widely and nodded enthusiastically.

'They're great, aren't they?' she said. 'Really good. Sometimes tampons don't help.'

Not only did she know what a cup is, but she likes them and seemed really chuffed that I'm using a cup. Heck, from her reaction, I'd say she's probably a cup user herself. That, in addition to the really good rapport I had with her, means I'll definitely be seeing her again in the future. :)
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Another newbie hoping to demystify cups

Hi ladies! I have been wanting to try a cup for the last few years, but have never gotten around to it. Now, I'm ready to take the plunge after reading a post on another community where several members sang their praises of menstrual cups.

Initially I was going to order a Diva Cup, but after perusing this community, I've realized that there are so many choices out there. I'm a little overwhelmed by all the information. So maybe some of you could give your input as to which cup I should use?

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cup use and predicting your period

Hello All!
I started using my Divacup about five months ago and I just love the freakin thing. After a couple of cycles and a couple of posts regaring where the cup is supposed to sit, I have had no problems at all. However, my period seems to have changed some. I am almost 37 years old and my period has always been regular and on a 28-day cycle. Now it seems to have shortened a day or two. Besides that my cramps have become almost non-existent. DONT GET ME WRONG--THIS IS GREAT--but I am having trouble predicting when I am going to start now. With my cycle not landing on day 28 and no tell-tale cramps to send up a red flag, (no pun intended) I seem to be getting caught off guard. I have read about many cup users who report lessening of cramps and somewhat of a change to the number of days in their cycle, but does it stay that way? What are other's experience of this?

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