January 10th, 2010

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  • relsqui

Yet another "help a newbie choose" post. :)

Hi ladies! I just spent a while reading through the archives and am really impressed with how much work everyone's done collecting information and making it easy to find. You all rule. I started out with no information about how to choose a cup, and now if anything I have too much. I find the sizing chart a bit overwhelming--I don't exactly know the width of my vagina to the millimeter, so I'm guessing the chart would be more helpful if I already had a cup and wanted one that was larger or smaller. Also, it seems that most of the options are off-limits to me as I'm in the US. (I haven't ruled out doing something dodgy to get one from another country, but all other things being equal I'd rather do the easy thing and buy one I can get here.)

So that leaves me still wondering which cup to covet. I know that everybody's different and I can't really give you enough information for you to make a specific suggestion, but I'm hoping you can help me narrow it down or at least find some criteria to choose by. Here's what I can give you: I'm 24, sexually active, with no children. I'm reasonable sure I have a longish vagina, as I don't normally feel my cervix at all, but I'll investigate a little more next time I hop in the shower (since I'm on the rag and it'll be messy). At my heaviest flow I need a few biggest-size tampons per day, generally only for a day or two per cycle, and then the rest is quite light. My reproductive system and I get along well (knock on wood); birth control pills keep me regular to within a day, cramps are rare, no unusual anatomy that I'm aware of, etc. so I'm not anticipating any difficulties. Oh, and I have PCOS, but I don't think there are any relevant symptoms.

I'm interested in a cup mostly because I can't afford tampons right now--which means I can't actually afford a cup either, but I'd rather have to scrabble for a little more money once than have to worry about it every month. Thus, any leads on discounts would be appreciated. (Hm, maybe I'll make a set of women's-health-themed pins to support this).

Edit: Just remembered another concern I had. I know that when used properly cups are supposed to be unnoticeable, but when I have occasionally had a tampon lower in my vagina than normal I find it obvious and distracting. This makes me worry about having a low-fitting cup. What makes it different?