January 5th, 2010


First time ladycup!


I finally got my ladycup, just in time for my period! I'm just not sure if I'm putting it in right. I used the punch-down fold, and it's in there with the stem just at the base of my vag. I didn't hear or feel any 'pop' or suction at all. I used my finger to feel around, but I can't exactly feel the rim of it. What I can feel of it, it kind of feels.. thinner and longer than when it's just in it's natural state, but I don't feel any folds.

Is it okay?
wolf's rain

Insertion problems. Part 2

Hey, everyone. Still having trouble with Little Ol' LilacCup. Started my period just before noon today, so this time, thanks to practicing kegels between the end of my previous cycle and this one, I felt more ready. Sat on the toilet like before, and to my amazement my body wasn't going "Owie!" as I placed the folded cup in that region. However, it still didn't seem to want to move further, even when I started doing some kegels to try and encourage it to slide in there a bit more. Alas, it still looks like a pyramid is sticking out there :(. I'll give it a shot again tomorrow once there's more lube down there. Otherwise, it's one more round with the pads :-/.

Large Meluna vs Small Diva - Picture?

I'm wondering if anyone has a photo to compare a LARGE Meluna with a Size 1 Diva cup?

I've used my Diva for about five or six cycles now and I adore the capacity, but I like the idea of the Meluna's really pronounced rings and the ball stem.

I'm just wondering what the size difference LOOKS like, since I've checked the measurments out, but I'm just a more visual person, you know?

I know someone compared a Medium one to the Diva a few posts down, but I'm specifically interested in a large since I think I'd need the rings.

Thanks in advance and sorry if I've somehow overlooked the answer!