January 4th, 2010


so yesterday i got a divacup and have been practicing inserting it and removal. everything is fine. i mean its inserting fine, its expanding/unfolding, and  the rim is above the narrowest part (the pubic bone) (at least im pretty sure it is) the only problem is that its really uncomfortable. it doesnt hurt its just really uncomfortable. what should i do to make it comfortable? is it just to big for me? or is it hitting my cervix, is that why it hurts? it might just be  to low so do you know any tricks to getting it to go higher ive tryed exercizing my kegels and pushing it just isnt that easy

Diva cup leaking

I got my Diva Cup a few days ago. At first, I love it - no problems, but then when I reach my heavy days it starts leaking. I'm twisting and feel like it's inserted far enough. I won't go up any farther. I can feel it expand but when I feel with my finger its somewhat flattened, but still right up against the wall of my vagina. I have very heavy periods which I why I tried the cup in the first place (tampons just don't cut it - I can fill the cup most of the way in just a few hours) but there's kindof no point in using it if it leaks. It also is uncomfortable to remove - the rim gets stuck at the beginning of my vagina for a few seconds and it does not feel good. Any tips? I don't want to give up on this but I can't deal with the insecurity of leaking.

Can I still use a cup successfully even though my cervix is really low?

Hi, I'm 14 and I was wondering if my cup's capacity would be affected by my low cervix? I can feel my cervix with my middle finger by the time the second knuckle is almost level with the entrance,and during my cycle, my cervix stays in the same place for the whole cycle,so at least I don't have to worry about it moving lower! But I've heard stories about other people's cervices taking up lots of space in their cups.

do I need "the big one?"

Hi guys. So, I'm 27, sexually active, but never been pregnant.

I've had the same Diva size 1 for 5 years and just lost it.

I'm going to buy a new cup, but I think I might need a bigger one. For the first several years I had it, it was perfect. Didn't leak a bit! But about 2 years ago, it started to leak a little pretty consistently on heavier days. I thought it might have been because my new (well, not so new now, but new at the time) boyfriend was, ahem, quite well-endowed genitally, or maybe I've just gotten to the age where stuff widens? I know the Diva says size 1 till your 30, but all the others seem to say 25, and that's when I started having problems.

Basically, since I have to buy a new one anyway, do you think I should go up a size, or maybe switch to a wider brand? I'm also afraid of it being too big, and since these things aren't cheap I only want to buy one.

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks.

Large Melunas available!!!!

I just checked the meluna website in hopes that the larges would be available and it looks like all but the large black are. I should be asleep and have had a few glasses of wine, so I may have read it wrong buuuuuut, I'm pretty sure I didn't. Now, the real waiting game for my large red ring stem begins :-).

Just so I don't have to make another post about this:what cups, besides the Diva, do all my fellow long vagina ladies use?