January 1st, 2010

lily allen squee

Day 2 with my cup!

I posted here a while back trying to make a decision about my first cup... I ended up getting a small Lunette Selene, and it arrived safely well in time for use with this cycle. I didn't get to do a dry run, as my life exploded into insanity shortly after it reached me, so when I started spotting yesterday while I was in a huge hurry to get things done before New Year's Eve activities I fully expected my hurrying to lead to things going horribly wrong.

Much to my surprise, it was super easy and everything worked perfectly! I used the triangle fold because it was the smallest I could remember without returning to my computer to look up different kinds, and got a decent seal the first time. No serious leakage yet, and when I went to empty and reinsert a couple of hours ago I was finally able to spin it! I can still feel it, but no more than I could feel a tampon during my entire cycle, and it's not even in a painful way. Removal is a little painful, but I'm starting to get the hang of it already so I'm pretty confident that I'll have it figured out in the next couple of days. I'm so excited, I can already tell that this is going to make things so much easier. I'm already trying to decide what brand I want to try next, lol.

So. :) Just another happy happy success story. Anyone lurking in the comm who hasn't bought a cup yet and is debating on getting one... do it! This might just be the best decision I've ever made.

Smelly cup?

Hi ladies! Happy new year!

Just a week ago, my small lunette arrived in the mail! I was so excited (I ordered it in a group order wayyy back in August, I think. Maybe earlier!) I felt really lucky because my period was only a few days away. Lo and behold, my period started yesterday. So I excitedly boiled my cup, and inserted it in the shower. Fast forward 6 hours. I just took it out to clean it and reinsert it, and it has this unbelievable smell to it... Like sewage?!

The curious thing is, I purchased a large lunette almost a year ago, and have had absolutely no problems with the smell. I'll put it in tomorrow to make sure that it's not just the blood... What is going on? Is it a difference in material? What could possibly be growing on it that would make it smell like that? Ugh. I really want to love this cup!

Thanks :)