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I just got my Lunette in the mail from the U.S. order!!! *EXCITED!* So I hope those of you who ordered one will get it today!!!

I love it! It is certainly different than the Ladycup (I LOVE the ridges on the Lunette and also that the rim isn't as stiff!) and even though it's not as "bouncy soft" as the LadyCup It is soft in a different way. I was surprised at how small it was even though it has a little larger capacity than the I cannot wait for the Selene to be available in the states! ♥

I can say with confidence that the Lunette warning is correct! :P

WARNING: The use of this product may give rise to a haughty kind of confidence, which may cause the user to smirk uncontrollably. This in turn may also lead to open discussion of menstruation. Bless your cotton socks!
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