December 3rd, 2009

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Cup free :o(

Hi guys,
I've returned to this forum after a long time away and today noticed in a few posts people talking about opening their mouths to relax their perineal muscles. I mentioned this a while ago and wondered if it was me they got this info from (if it is it makes me feel so good that I helped you guys!!!)

The second thing I wanted to mention is that I just had a cup free period after 3 years using one and it was HORRIBLE!!! Tampons are disgusting!!! and I bled through more tampons and pads than I ever remember doing before which was so inconveinient on a 12 hr shift I didn't get a break on!! Don't do it girls.. don't do it...

Divacup Video Contest!

Ok, you know I just had to post about this, lol. I hope this is allowed, because I'm excited to share this with everyone. I just got an email from the Divacup company. They are holding a video contest. Details are here:

There are first, second and thrid place prizes. All finalists get a Divacup, divawash and they get to be on the Divacup YouTube channel! It says first place is a Flip Mino HD Video Camcorder. Second Place $100 gift certificate to Whole Foods Market or to Thrid place is $75 gift certificate (for the same stores).

I would say I'm a total cup video geek, haha. But hopefully I can get some other members here to do the same. I read the contest rules, they just want contestants to be creative and playful with their video. I say we get our cameras rolling and have a little fun with it :)

PS-- I'll probably enter... Maybe... But if by some miracle I happen to win one of the top 3, I promise I will donate the cup and wash part to someone who has never used a cup, seeing as how I don't need a new Diva quite yet :)

Still loving my LilacCup

I just wanted to post saying how much I still think cups are awesome. I had my third run with mine, and I'm really pleased I had it.

I skipped a period because I changed pills, and then my partner and I had an accident, so I was really looking forward to getting Aunt Flo to visit. And come she did, right on time, only with extra mega cramps this time. And gosh, was day three a gusher! I have a fairly light period generally, but I guess the double period hit with a vengence. I usually only have to check once in the mornings and evenings, but that afternoon I felt a worry I might leak, and checked my cup. Not so much a check, as an explosion of blood on to my hand. :P I kind of had a big laugh over it, cause I wasn't expecting it, must have sounded weird to my housemates. :) Anyways, I guess I'm still learning about removing my cup carefully, but I'm so glad I had it, cause my large lady was full, and I would have struggled to cope without her. Hooray for cups!

Also, I finally managed to broach the subject of cups with my mum, and she took it really well. I was worried because we don't usually talk about these things, for puberty she dumped a book on my bed and ran away. Not only was she a bit interested, but said she had even heard of them before! I showed her the pamphlet I made, and she liked it, so I feel so validated now. :) Even though she doesn't need one anymore.

She also asked if I managed to convince any friends to use one - no luck yet. But my doctor is interested, so he'll get some pamphlets, and hopefully let me put some in the waiting room for others. :)

Thanks for letting me share!

First time user and... a bit scared!

Hi everyone. I just managed to figure out how to post here. I am here looking for reassurance. I have a mooncup UK which I started using yesterday. I had no problem inserting it and think it's wonderful. I have been doing lots of research prior to get familiarised with the folds and insertion methods. I absolutely love it.

As I said, my period started yesterday and was so happy about wearing the cup overnight. Which I did. I woke up during the night with a strong need to urinate, but not much would come out. It was rather painful to pass urine (or rather uncomfortable), so I decided to take the cup out, and it allowed more urine to pass, but it was still a little sore.

This is the strange bit. Whilst I was sitting on the loo (after removing my cup), I felt nauseous and suddenly, I passed out on the floor. My blood pressure suddenly lowered and I was sweating profusely, but my skin felt ice cold. I managed to get myself up on my feet and tried to go back to bed, but fainted again on the doorstep. I quickly gained consciousness and pulled myself up to bed. My boyfriend wakes up at this stage, but I didn't want to alarm him. I got in bed and I felt as if my heart rate was slowing down, my arms felt numb, my ears were ringing, and my head was about to explode. I was terrified. After a couple of minutes, these symptoms seemed to disappear and my heart rate , albeit slower than usual, felt more stable. I am so scared now, I have no idea what could've caused all this, I do not want to think it has anything to do with my cup being there overnight.

I woke up with a terrible headache and didn't go to work in the morning.

I don't know what to think, i cannot blame the cup for this, but I don't know what to think. Is there any remote chance that I have TSS?? I know that's associated with tampons and absorption, but the symptoms I observed, I have checked online and are very similar to those of TSS. I would really appreciate someone helping me out. I am thinking of ringing the Mooncup helpline and speak to a nurse now.

Thanks for listening and I would appreciate any input.

Yuuki Cup

I was wondering, for those of you that have Yuuki Cups and live in the US, where did you order it from? I think I am going to get my friend a small Yuuki Cup, since the Lunette still doesn't ship to the US yet. It seems very similar to the Lunette and hopefully will be easy to use.

LadyCup wins!!!

My LadyCup Lotos arrived today! I got it for $20.50 CAD on Ebay, and it arrived in 6 days! In any case, I've been a happy Diva user for several years, but decided that a shorter, fatter, squishier cup with bigger holes would be better, and honestly, I like the colours. :-D In any case, I've been using a Diva small, and as advised on here (thanks!!!) I got a LC large. It's absolutely fantastic! I don't think I even need to trim the stem. I had absolutely no troubles with insertion or popping open. A teensy bit trickier to get out since it's more slippery, but really not that bad since I know the tricks. Might be harder if you'd never done it before though. In any case, I'm very excited, and I plan to post comparison pictures between my LC large and my Diva small, it's interesting, but for now (since my Diva is looking a little brown and not-so-nice right

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