November 29th, 2009

Help-suggestions for a new cup

Hi, I've been around a while so you've probably seen my leak problem posts.
I've decided to try yet another cup to see if I can find the 'perfect' one for me:-) I'd like your help this time as last time I didn't ask for help & I'm still in the same 'boat'(still leaking w/lg. ladycup).

My 1st cup was lg. diva. It leaked badly. When I turned it inside-out it got better but still leaked.
I figured out my cervix sits low & I always felt the diva was long so that's why I tried the lg. ladycup.

It leaks also! I'm thinking w/the holes so low on the cup + my cervix sitting in it, the capacity just does not cut it.

What do you think?

I'm considering a fleurcup b/c of it's larger capacity & higher hole placement, but I live in the US.

Thought about a Yuuki but it's long.
Considering a lg. Lunette....tho capacity isn't much more than lc.

? Would a shorter w/larger capacity cup work better than my lg. ladycup if the holes are placed high? Reason I ask is, it seems w/my cervix in the lc & the holes being low it leaks. If the cup could hold more, & the holes are higher up than the lc holes, but shorter.....ummmm, what do u think?

And what about a narrower cup? I've read somewhere if it's too wide the walls of the vagina may put pressure on the holes causing it to leak. So would a narrower cup like the MPower lg. work better even if the capacity is the same as the ladycup?

I never thought I'd think this much over my MOON:-)
Sorry this is so long..........

Thanks for your help in advance,

Popular camping store carrying Diva Cup!!

Hi everyone!

Though I'm not entirely surprised by this, I am EXTREMELY excited that REI carries Diva Cups! Check this out for reviews:

I'm busy provisioning for a 5-month journey through New Zealand, and came across the Diva on their website! I'm so glad it's there for outdoorsy ladies to see, because I honestly cannot imagine camping (or anything else, really) without my cup...


Irritation-free period!

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to share a quick story in case anyone else experiences a similar problem:

I love love love my Diva cup but have often experienced irritation starting around day 3 of my period. I made the mistake during my first cycle with the Diva, which caused major irritation, so now I just rinse with water. I do make a point of washing my hands before insertion/removal so I don't get nasty germs in my vagina.

Anyway, I kept getting this irritation and was kind of just chalking it up to hormones or irritation from insertion/removal. This cycle, though, I made a point to wash my hands VERY thoroughly to get all soap residue off....and it's worked! No irritation at all.

So if anyone is getting frustrated with some irritation when using the Diva, remember that it's not just about soap on the cup, but also soap on your hands. I know it's been said elsewhere, but this was definitely my experience. As a rule - if I can still smell the soap on my hands, I rinse more. And I make the water as hot as I can take it.

Yay!!! :)