October 7th, 2009

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help for an aussie seeking first cup please?

hey all, I'm new here and i'm also AND to the knowledge that cups even exist. which I think is insane as from all the research I've done as they should be widely celebrated lol.

my question (and im sorry if its already been answered, i've spent the last few hours looking through this community for information and i havent found what i'm looking for) is about where to actually get cups in Australia.

my biggest problem is that im a uni student and have a fairly meagre income although i want to invest in a reusable product which benifits me and the environment. ordering online via a credit or visa card isnt an option for me, as I dont have one. ebay might be an option via paypal or bank transfer though. I dont think theres any actually made here (or owned by aussies) but if there is please let me know as i'd love to buy aussie owned/made if at all possible.

so i guess its the general newb questions about where to get them and which one to get... although after my research im thinking of a ladycup (as im partial to green lol and they seem to be fairly decently priced on ebay). I found keepers are available here although I dont want one of them as theres something about the design I dont like. not sure what it is, but something puts me off unlike other brands i've seen pictures of.

and by the way, Melissa ( i think its you, if im wrong, please correct me!)- fantastic youtube vids, very informative, and you very promptly replied to my comment which is much appreciated XD

p.s since im also new to live journal i hope ive posted this right!!

Unusual Pains on First Try?

Hello, I'm new to menstrual cups and also to this community.
I purchased my first cup today, a size B keeper, since I am a virgin. I have also NEVER used tampons before. I've also never had a pelvic exam before. I'm 20 years old.
It took me two tries to get the cup in, and that had the typical initial pain but i was able to insert and remove it in only a few minutes. The part I'm not sure about happened after it was in. I experienced pretty severe lower back pain (imagine right at the top of your butt, on either side of your spine). And also a very pressing urge to pee. I took it out immediately and will continue doing short insert / remove sessions to see if I can angle it differently or place it higher to make that pain go away. But I haven't read about anyone else having back pain with the cup.
I guess my question is if there may be something going on up there that I should have checked out or talk to a doctor about, or is that typical or the result of some kind of user error? Or maybe I should just get a smaller one, which would be hard b/c they're expensive...

Thanks for any help or advice,

Random question

I've had a keeper for ~5 years but only recently was able to use it. (After finally figuring out how to put it in) I did a dry run today. when I took it out there was some brownish liquid in there. I also had a few drops of blood not in the cup-bright red (not the color of period for the most part). I know this is rather graphic and I apologize. I'm wondering if anyone has any clue if that liquid was something to worry about and if I managed to break/rip my hymen? (I'm a virgin and I've had an intact hymen)

I miss my diva cup.

Okay, so this is my first period post-doggy eating the diva, and I've got a large pinkcup and small lilacup that I've been trying out.

NOPE, NOT HAVING ANY OF IT. I just spent 30 minutes in the bathroom trying to yank the large out, the small is too small to really do anything for my flow. Ugh. I've ordered another diva from ebay (For 15 bucks!) and I cannot wait for it to get here. Why did I think switching cups would be a good idea?

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Second cup ideas?

Hi all. I've been using a Mooncup UK (small) for about a year and I love nearly everything about it. The only downside is on my heaviest days (my period is usually at least 5 days, with 2 days very heavy) I have to empty it more often than I would like. Considering my schedule and work environment this is really a hastle. So, my question is: what cup()s would be closest to a small Mooncup UK in terms of ease of insertion, overall width, but would hold more blood? I don't even know if this is possible! I really love and have no problems with my cup, it is perfect for me, I just need a little more volume. Would love to hear from someone that has solved this dilemma.

For the record, I am 21, never given birth.
Thank you for any help!

How do you tell when it's worn out

I use a small diva and have for about a year and a half? Maybe? As you all probably know Diva recommends replacing the cup yearly. I also don't see anything wrong with my cup it's hardly even discolored! They used to say cups could be used for up to 10 years if I am not mistaking. Anyway on to the point for all you long term cup users who have replaced cups what made you decide it was time for a new one?