October 6th, 2009



I have the larger DivaCup but was only able to use it once before I got pregnant. When I used it, I really loved it and I can't wait until after my post partum bleeding to use it again, but I have a couple of questions. 
When you pull it out and clean it and then re-insert it, do you find you get a little bit of leaking from when the cup was out? Do you just wipe it with toilet paper? Liners? Pads?

Do any of you use liners or pads WITH your cups as a just in case? (Side question: If you use cloth pads, what's the best way to clean them?)

If I leak, how do I know which size to switch to ensure a better experience with the cup?

I used to use the Instead disposable cups and I LOVED them, but I found if I laughed or coughed sometimes I would leak some blood. Do you find this with your cups? Part of the reason I got the DivaCup was because it's more environmentally friendly and I'm tired of wasting my money on pads. I'm looking into getting some cloth pads or liners but I would need to know how to store them while camping. See next question. 
One more thing; are any of  you backcountry campers/hikers? Have any of you done any extreme camping while using the cup? How did you clean/maintain it while you were out in the bush? 

Thanks so much!

Some vaginal swelling

This is my first cycle using a DivaCup. I've had no problem with inserting, using the punchdown method. I'm having a moderate amount of trouble with removal. I'm mostly getting the hang of that too although breaking suction is a real problem, it's just so strong and I can't get a finger inside the rim to break the seal. Bearing down does bring the cup right down, and I try squeeze it to break suction, but it seems to take a bit for it to take in any air.

What has happened a few times is I have managed to squeeze the rim together, but it has opened completely just as I am getting it out. Today I noticed I have significant swelling on the right side of my vagina, and a little less on the left. It feels very firm.

Is this normal? Should I not use the cup today? I can't tell if it is possibly the stem irritating me, as I am quite "long" inside and don't feel the stem or anything when I have the cup positioned well. Since I'm having difficulty with removal, I don't know if I should trim the stem or not. Mostly I want to know about this firm swelling. Thanks! (BTW I already have a LadyCup and Lunette on order just for "fun" as I'm so intrigued with cups in general. I am 47, 2 c-sections no vaginal births.)

large meluna vs large ladycup?

hey ladies!

I started with a small diva and I could never get it to open right, so it leaked constantly, but then I grabbed a large ladycup off ebay and I LOVE it.  it's one of my "desert island" possessions and I totally tend to forget that I'm gushing like a grievous injury in a B movie when I use it.  but for a couple days, my flow is just TOO heavy and I still end up having to empty it every couple of hours.

the cup (ladycup) never fills the whole way, maybe more like 3/4ths before it leaks, and I always figured it was my cervix taking up space in it.  but as I was looking over the size comparison chart and pictures of the large meluna and then my large ladycup, I started to think maybe it leaks at that point because the holes are so low.  the large meluna looks a little alarmingly long, but it looks like the holes are up close to the rim and maybe I'd have better luck with it on my heaviest days?  does anyone have an approximate realistic capacity for it yet?  I couldn't find that information anywhere.  I also read it was a little stiffer, which is sort of setting off alarm bells in my head - stiffer + longer = diva and the diva did NOT work for me.  hmh.  what do you girls think?

if I go for it, I'm totally waiting till november so I can get the bright green.  something about a menstrual product in my favorite obnoxious color kind of makes the cramping and headaches and targetless rage worth it.  well maybe not really, but I think knowing that my favorite color is indirectly saving my pants from a tsunami will still satisfy me in some strange way.

thanks in advance!  you peeps are wonderful :)

second cycle using cups

Hi I been lurking around this message board for over a month, but this is my first post. I am 30 years old with no children and I have an paraguard IUD. I've had my IUD for two years. I can fit two fingers comfortably in my vagina and I can just barely touch my cervix with my middle finger.

I've known about menstrual cups since 2004, but it wasn't until 3 months ago that I bought one. I only knew of the Keeper brand at that time. I ordered a mooncup by keeper size B before I found this board. I was disappointed to find out about their bad business practices.

Last cycle was the first time I used my mooncup (USA). Since I had been reading this board for a few weeks I felt pretty confident things would go smoothly and they did. I did however use tampons for my heaviest day, as I was going to a party and I didn't want to leak or empty my cup in a strange place. I trimmed half of the stem off of my mooncup (USA) to make it less pokey. I was disappointed that the anti-suctions holes are placed so low on the mooncup (USA). By my measurement the mooncup(USA) size B only holds 10 ml (up to holes).

Because the mooncup's (USA) capacity is too low for my heaviest days and because I wanted a second cup I ordered a miacup model 2 from Feminine Wear. This cycle is my first using the miacup. I had some leaking the second day. I'm pretty sure it was because I inserted it standing in the shower, so I didn't get it situated right.  I've been leak-free as long as I insert it when sitting on the toilet and aiming at my tailbone (Melissa's youtube cervix position video was quite helpful). I can go 10-12 hours on my heaviest days before I empty my miacup. This cycle I also started to use cloth liners as backup.

Both cups fit good and are comfortable. I've been using the punchdown fold for both cups. I'm really glad I wised up and bought menstrual cups and I'm also really glad I found this community.

I did however find some misinformation on the sizing charts. Both sizes of the mooncup (USA) are wider than represented on the chart and the miacup model 2 holds more than the chart says. The mooncup (USA) size B is 1 3/4 inches wide and 2 inches long (not counting stem), that converts to approx. 44 mm wide and 51 mm long. The mooncup (USA) size A is 1 7/8 inches long and 2 inches (not counting stem), that converts to approx. 47.6 mm wide and 51 mm long. The miacup model 2 holds 25 ml (up to holes) of fluid. 

I just want to say thank you to everyone at this community, you have been quite helpful in my quest to properly use menstrual cups.


Femininewear group order update

I've just dropped the packages off at the post office. It cost about a dollar less than what we estimated (2.70 euros compared to 3.50 euros for the single orders, 3.50 for the double orders).

Anyway, it should take about a week, so please let me know when they've arrived! Hope you all like them!

Cervix too low?

So I started my period today and ran to try my cup out for the first time.  It went in just fine and I emptied it a few hours later and there was only a drop or two in it but no leaks.  Then I put it back in a left in it for another couple of hours and emptied it because it was poking me and it just barely had fluid in it.  I have a LadyCup and it was only up to the top of the bumps.  Out of curiosity I checked my cervical position and it was very low, about an inch inside the canal.  Then I tried to put the cup back in and it would not open.  I couldnt get it in and I am bummed.  Is there a possibility that my cervix is just too low to use a cup right now? 

I did do a dry run last week and caught a good amount of CM in the cup so I was happy that I was able to get it in proper position.  I am so excited about using my cup but i really hope there aren't a ton of days that I can't use my cup because my cervix is just too low.