October 5th, 2009

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Decisions, decisions!

Hello! I'm looking into getting a menstrual cup, but I'm a little overwhelmed.

I first started thinking about getting a menstrual cup a year ago, but tampons were (and still are) working fine for me, so I didn't do anything about it. But now, the idea of being able to leave a cup in for 12 hours is really, REALLY appealing to me. I'm a full-time student at a local community college, and my schedule varies day-to-day. Plus, despite being on a birth control pill for 3+ years, I ALWAYS get cramps the first 1-3 days of my now 5-day cycle. They aren't mild, but aren't severe either, and as long as I take an Aleve at the first sign, they go away pretty quickly and won't return for the next 8 hours. While they don't interfere with my ability to do homework, drive, or attend class, they're still annoying, and I've read that the absorbing action of tampons may make cramps a little worse.

When I recently started thinking again, this time more seriously, about trying a cup, I thought a DivaCup (model 1) would be best, since they seem to be the easiest to purchase in the U.S. But then, I was looking at cup comparison pictures, and I came across this image (all of these are small cups). The Diva looks huge in comparison to the MeLuna. So while I haven't completely ruled out the Diva, I'd also like to consider the MeLuna, Lady Cup, and Yuuki.

Here are some facts about me/my cycle:
- I'm a 19-year-old virgin. I have never had a problem with tampons, and when my periods were heavier, I used Super Plus with no difficulty. I have had a pelvic exam before, and while it was a little uncomfortable, I wouldn't call it painful. I pretty much have no hymen to speak of (and haven't since I was 6. Monkey bar accident, lol). I can comfortably fit one finger inside my vagina and move it around. I can fit up to 3 fingers, but I feel a little irritated if I move them around too much. So basically, despite being a virgin, my vagina is fairly flexible, so it's not a requirement that I get the absolute smallest cup known to mankind, but I definitely don't need a cup made for women who have given birth.

- My flow is not exactly light, but it's definitely not heavy. My period lasts 5 days. The first 3 days, I stick to Super absorbency tampons that I change at 8-hour intervals. The last 2 days, I use Regular absorbency tampons, also changed at 8-hour intervals. With this schedule/absorbency combination, I do not have leaks.

Here is what I really want from a menstrual cup:
- 12 hour protection
- Comfort. I don't feel tampons when they're inside of me, and I don't want a cup that's any different. I don't mind if I can feel the cup briefly a couple of times in a 12 hour period, like if I've been sitting for awhile and then stand up, but I don't want to feel like it's poking or pinching.
- Reliable fit. I want to know that I can leave a cup in for 12 hours and not feel like it's progressively moving lower and lower. I need it to stay in place for the most part.
- No leaking

Ideally, I'd like a cup to be easy to insert, but I'd gladly spend a few extra seconds folding/inserting a stiffer cup if I knew the fit was more secure.

So...based on the information I've given, does anybody have any...direction they can point me in? Or any suggestions if they have or had something in common with me? I know that this will be trial-and-error to some degree, but for the sake of my wallet, and my impatience, I'd like to limit the amount of errors as much as possible. ;)

Thanks for all your help!

ETA: Thanks SO MUCH, everyone! I don't know how I missed the cup size comparison post, but thank you for pointing it out to me. Armed with this new knowledge, I feel better about making a decision. Of course, I may not get it right on the first try, but I'm definitely willing to experiment. I'll get back to you guys when I have chosen, purchased, and tried a cup. Thanks again!
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My LadyCup arrived today (Yay!)

Since one of the members of this community was kind enough to send me a 15% off discount code, I figure I'd do the same since I also recieved a 15% off coupon. So if you're interested, do let me know!

so excited

Well this isn't anything really to bother the community about but i am having serious trouble deciding what color ladycup I want. HAHA. I really like yellow, but i was wondering if it will be neon or look like the mooncup yellow, and is it just a hint?  Because here-

the colors look like they are just a hint, BARELY and the orange looks like it has a lot of pink mixed with it. So I think im leaning more towards the orange also bc it doesn't look like just a hint.  I was thinking about the pinkcup too bc it is....pink! But in that pic i can barely tell it has any pink in it.  The lilaccup looks really pretty too, but honestly i never liked purple, so anyway to the people that have ladycups how much color is really in them?  And in your opinion which color is prettiest?

And also the reason i am getting a ladycup is bc it is so soft and one of the smallest brands. But i am a virgin and I heard that a lot of people have trouble getting the ladycup out because no grippers and bc it is so squishy.  And i heard virgins have even harder times getting it out.  From your own experiences how was the first time you used your cup?

I was gonna make a poll but decided not to bc i wanna hear your own words.

pic source: http://menstrualcups.wordpress.com/2009/07/23/more-cup-photos/#more-360

well now i am thinking about getting a meluna, bc
1.)people say they are easier to get out
2.)they come in xsmall
3.)they have a really pretty green ^_^
but how much really, are they when it comes to shipping and stuff?

well thanks everyone i ordered a meluna off of feminine wear about a week ago. i hope it arrives soon!

Meluna questions on removal and comparison to Lady Cup

I own a small Ladycup which I love. It's leaked once or twice in the year and then only due to user error. It is a little tricky to remove sometimes, not prohibitively. But I do wear my cup all the time, not just when I'm on my period. Meluna caught my eye because it has cups with a ring or a ball at the end. I thought maybe this other cup would allow me to be more spontaneous with removal. It looks like from this photo that the small Meluna is about the same size as the cup I have. So, ladies, have any of you used both, are they as similar as they look? And, how much more effective are the balls and rings at the end for removal, particularly compared to Ladycup? Would anyone recommend the ball or ring over the other?

Looking into a cup, questions...?

Hello everyone!  I'm looking into getting a cup, and have actually spent about 2 hours poking around the forum learning all kinds of interesting things.  However, I still have a few questions that haven't been answered.  I'm sorry if these have been here before, I just haven't seen the threads!

1. I'm a plus sized woman.  Like a 22W (please don't judge).  I really want to try a cup, but sometimes reaching my vagina to insert a tampon is difficult.  It's easiest for me to do this (and reach my cervix) while squatting down.  Any other BBW have experiences (positive or negative) to help me make my decision?
2. I have a long vagina to begin with (5"6', but my gyno always has to use a long speculum!), and know that a longer cup such as the DivaCup would probably be best, but because I have an IUD, I'd like a cup with a loop as opposed to a stem.  It just seems like a loop would be easier to grasp (given my size), and would put less stress on my IUD and strings.  On a side note, I've only had the IUD for a month, and will probably wait another month or two before using a cup, to make sure I won't use it incorrectly and risk expelling the IUD.  Or maybe just until my super plus tampons run out, who knows!  Anyway, what are the brands of cups that have a loop?
(Paragard users, please feel free to tell me which cup you use, as the flow is supposed to be so much heavier and I don't want to empty all the time!  How often do you empty, and how full is the cup?)
3. WHERE do you empty your cup?  Do you flush the contents and then rinse in the sink?  This might be a silly question, but I work with 3 men, and would hate to clog the sink with my vagina's ex-contents and really gross them out.
4. Has anyone had luck buying a cup on eBay?  I notice they run about $20, is this cheaper than buying in the store?

Again, I'm sorry if these have already been answered.  I appreciate any guidance you can provide!  Thanks!