October 4th, 2009

Ok, I'm ready to try again.

Hi :) I was here about 2 months ago asking for advice but I doubt you remember me :) I didn't succeed in actually getting it inside of me...

Ok I did indeed Go back through the archives and FAQ and get myself familiar again with what I am supposed to be accomplishing and how I am supposed to be doing it. But I couldn't find information on this, I think I might have read something about it before, long ago, but I have not the slightest clue what search words I would use to find it, please forgive me if I'm asking you to reiterate a common mundane detail...

I have a difficult time getting the cup in, because everything seems very..."Squeezed" someone had said you need to try all kinds of positions so at one point I was mostly upside down with my bottom half in the air, and the whole thing kind of "blew up" not like a bomb, but like a balloon, suddenly "exploring" became easier, everything was very very very open, where I could BARELY get 2 fingers in before, I could suddenly get three in with room to spare, but everything felt like it had expanded to its largest point, and I noticed this wall... ummm I don't know if this Diagram will come out right, but it was horizontal in this vertical tube.... like this
|   |
|   |
|  --    <--- (Right there)
|   |

And I don't know what to make of it, I honestly did look up the anatomy of this, but it didn't make a lot of sense to me. I want to know more about this wall that is horizontal, It seems to be what blocks me from being able to put my cup in when I'm more "squeezed" but it is only about 1/3rd the way across the diameter of the tube. I don't want to put my cup in when I am "open" like this because I am mostly upside down, and there is plenty of space for the cup like this, it feels like it would just fall... upwards torward my cervix... Idk... doesn't sound comfortable.  Anything that might clear up what this wall is/is for would help and whether I should be trying to insert the cup into the more squeezed position or if my body really needs to be THAT open to insert (the ability to insert three fingers with room to spare seems to be much more than what others have described...) Any information would be helpful. Thank you guys, I really appreciate your help :)

Cheer and a cup?

Hey :D
I have a Green LadyCup and I love it!
One thing I'm worried about is not being able to do everything I normally do though.
I looked through most of the sports tag but that was a lot about swimming.. so if it's been asked sorry!
I'm a cheerleader and its a whole lot of movements, so will this effect the cup at all? I really don't want to wear a tampon for practice, but should I anyway? splits in the air and such worry me, ya know :P

Thanks everyone!!

@&%$^%*@ LadyCup!

 Why must the LadyCup be so hard to remove?  In general I use a small Lunette, though it's capacity is a bit low for my heavy days and it's a bit rough for my light days.  I also have a small LadyCup, so once in a while I try to use it on a light day.  It goes in so smoothly and easily...  And then I can't get it out!  I got it out without too much trouble yesterday, so I thought I'd be fine and put it back in.  Then, of course, this morning it was stuck!  I've tried the rocking back and forth, and I've tried drying my fingers off, but as soon as I try again they are too wet again!  I've tried the giving up and coming back to it, but I'm still frustrated and sore, and now it's been in there 14 hours.

I know a lot of people use the LadyCup and love it...so how do you get it out?

I wish there was a cup out there that was really smooth like the LadyCup but had a good, solid base that I could get a good grip on.  I don't think it would even really need grip lines as long as the base wasn't so squishy!  My other problem with the LadyCup is that the rim and top part is so stiff that I can't try to refold it while it's inside of me, because it won't squish in.

Is there a cup out there that's smooth but easy to remove?

Edit:  I got it out!  Thanks for all the advice.  I'm still open to smooth cup recommendations, though.

College life?

Hello all,
I am now a freshman in college. I'm kind of worried about what people (especially my roomie) will think when I go to the bathroom to change my cup, or when they realize that I'm not out buying supplies every month (although, I still buy pads, but just as backup, and it lasts me for months. Not just a month of hoping I don't run out).

The bathroom situation I'm not really pleased with, but I can make it happen. There are four showers (sort of locker room style), one that's completely by itself and doesn't share a drain. How did you manage your period with your cup? I definitely know it's not the most sanitary of places (especially compared to my bathroom at home.), so will I just have to wait 'til afterwards to empty my cup?

If I duplicated a post, please direct me towards it..I couldn't find anything in tags, or through a search.

What were (or still are) your personal experiences in college with your cup? What did you have to change in your schedule compared to at home/work?

Thanks much. :)

New, Small LilacCup For Sale

I ordered a LilacCup off Ebay and due to an error received two.  Originally LadyCup requested the second back but changed their mind due to shipping costs.  Anyway, I now have a small, unopened LilacCup for sale.  I paid $24 for mine, so how about split the difference, $12 + shipping?  If interestedsend me a message.