September 21st, 2009

keeper mooncup

I bought a keeper mooncup and have been able to insert it. The problem is that it creates such a strong suction that removing it is nearly impossible. Even squeezing the base or trying to put a finger in the top of the cup doesn't seem to work. Is it possible that I am inserting it too far up? I saw a post here that said they only insert the rim and then push the cup the rest of the way up. I have been inserting the whole cup but leaving the stem out. Is that too far?
I am also considering trying another brand, one that would have suction that isn't so strong and I'm open to comparisons. I'm thinking about perhaps a divacup.
But my main question is: am I inserting the cup too far and that is why I'm having removal problems?

Group Femininewear Order Update

Hello! This is just a reminder about the group order to that I'm placing at the end of this month.

I live in the U.S., but a community member in Ireland (schmoomom) has kindly offered to receive the package and send the contents on to the order participants.

Would anyone else like to join in? Teresa at Femininewear has graciously offered to give us a 10% discount on this order, and cover shipping from her location to schmoomom's house. I will still be asking everyone to pay $5.00 for shipping, in order to cover postage costs from schmoomom's house to yours.

If you'd like to order something, leave a comment or send me a message telling me what you'd like, your shipping address, and what e-mail address I should use to send a Paypal invoice. You can also e-mail me at
I got the beat

ok, how many of you have tried trimming the stem of your diva cup shorter while it was inserted?

sorry, I'm reading the instruction manual here. they really have to write that in there? not to, I mean. and don't flush down the toilet? really? I sure wouldn't spend $35 on something disposable, I don't know about you...

that said. I'm the one who posted thursday morning, saying I was getting my cup on sunday and was expecting my period any time between those two days... I got it thursday evening. so I didnt' get to try my cup for my heavier days, but I did get to try it yesterday and everything went well. I can't even feel it in, so I won't have to trim the stem (inside me or out of me, lol) had no trouble inserting it, didn't leak, etc. I took it out for the night because by the 4th night I never have much coming out anyway, so I figured I'd rather air out and use a (cute, cloth, light blue with pink and green cutesy elephants on it) pad instead. what I do today I guess will depend on how much is coming out.

Just got the Diva cup

So I decided to get the Diva cup cause so many people seem to like that one. I got size 2 because I have a 1 year old. I looked at the sizing stuff and i believe I have a short vagina and need a bigger around because i have had a child. I put it in and got it in the first time no problem. However when i walked or sat i could feel the stem? It was comfortable all except i could feel it at the opening.  I dont know if maybe it wasnt far up enough or i need to trim it. I wanted to ask first because it was $32 and dont want to mess it up! Thanks for any advice :)
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Health risks with non-potable water!

 I read recently on the Diva Cup website that you can not wash or rinse your cup with non-potable water.  They say this can lead to serious infections and health problems, and provide a faulty link for more information.  I'm living in a developing country, and have been washing with non-potable water, and just realized this is a problem.  

Does anyone have any more info on this?   Anyone else in this situation and have tips for washing? 


So I just got this today and it seemed ok at first but the stem was irritating so i trimmed it. seemed ok for a little bit but it just keeps coming out the opening. just the bottom is coming out but really annoying! NOT COMFORTABLE! So I tried it inside out but my vagina just feels so irritated nothing seems comfortable! Im also not sure if well, when i put it in i cant push it up anymore because there is air in it and no letting it go up anymore! What do i do????? Please help!
bill alcohol

First Time Lunette User & First Time Poster


I ordered my Lunette last week and got it today (which is amazing, considering we're in two different continents!). I boiled it before I tried it out, and I'm happy to say I successfully inserted it! I used the triangle fold and got it in the second time I tried. I can't wait to use it when I'm actually on my period, which should be some time this week or next week. I do have a couple of questions, however:
  1. Are any folds smaller than the triangle fold? I didn't have any problem getting it except for a bit of a wait because I'm small (and not exactly a slip and slide right now). I'm just curious as to what folds are smallest and would be easiest for me to insert.
  2. How do I know when pops open? I can't really seem to feel around the front because of my pubic bone, but it did feel like it was closed from around behind the cup. Is being able to feel the front to see if it's open necessary?
  3. I'm pretty sure I got a seal this first try, because when I tried to remove it it kind of came, for lack of better word to describe what happened, rushing out. I just know that it was more than likely sealed. However, should I be right in expecting it to do this every time? If not, how can I make sure it seals? I couldn't get it to turn, so that's not an option.
  4. I don't know how heavy or not my period is in comparison to how much the small Lunette's capacity holds. I used light, regular, and super tampons throughout my cycle. It never really depended on what day of my cycle it was, it just fluctuated throughout the cycle. If should need to empty my cup during school, how should I go about doing that? Will I need to rinse it out, or should I be fine reinserting? My mother recommended having feminine wipes with me; would using those to wipe off/out my cup be harmful to my vagina for a long period of time (as in, after I reinsert it)?

That's all of them. Thank you! (: